Air Canada Reveals Top-10 List Of Best New Restaurants Of 2018

Every year, Air Canada does its part to ensure people still want to travel the country (presumably with their airline) by enticing us to indulge in food and drink offerings from across our fair nation.

In August, they announced their longlist of the 30 best new restaurants in Canada. On Thursday night, they narrowed it down to a top 10.

Montreal and Toronto restaurants dominated the list, unsurprisingly, scoring two entries each. Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton and Regina all made a valiant effort as well. But a lovely surprise is that restaurants in two small Ontario towns made the list, including the coveted number one spot.

The Restaurant at Pearl Morrissette, Air Canada’s top pick this year, is nestled deep in the heart of Ontario’s Niagara wine country. Enter the minimalist, black barn and you’ll be treated to a five-course meal that features quality, local ingredients done with French-inspired flair.

Frequenters of the popular Prince Edward County know that Picton, Ont. is a hot spot for fine wine and fine fare, including the Sand and Pearl Oyster Bar, a lively spot that serves up fresh seafood favourites two hours east of Toronto.

Have you tried any of the restaurants on the list? Did they make your top 10? Let us know in the comments below.

1) The Restaurant at Pearl Morissette, Jordan Station, Ontario

Cuisine: Seasonal

Chefs: Daniel Hadida and Eric Robertson

2) Vin Mon Lapin, Montreal, Quebec

Cuisine: Seasonal

Chefs: Marc-Olivier Frappier and Jessica Noël

3) Elena, Montreal, Quebec

Cuisine: Italian

Chef: Emma Cardarelli

4) St. Lawrence, Vancouver, British Columbia

Cuisine: Québécois-French

Chef: J-C Poirier

5) Giulietta, Toronto

Cuisine: Italian

Chef: Rob Rossi

6) Aloette, Toronto

Cuisine: Contemporary

Chef: Patrick Kriss

7) Avenue, Regina

Cuisine: Canadian

Chefs: Dale MacKay and Nathan Guggenheimer

8) Bündok, Edmonton

Cuisine: Seasonal

Chef: Kyle Hotchkiss

9) Sand and Pearl, Picton, Ont.

Cuisine: Seafood

Chef: Suzanne Barr

10) The Courtney Room, Victoria

Cuisine: Seasonal French

Chef: Sam Harris

If that’s not enough culinary inspiration for you, Air Canada also put out a list of the country’s best new bars. You’re welcome.