Destiny 2’s Iron Banner reward system will be reworked

Bungie will rework the rewards system for future iterations of Destiny 2’s Iron Banner event, following fan feedback.

Iron Banner debuted in Destiny 2 earlier this month with several changes from Destiny 1. It no longer featured power advantages for players of a higher level. It also spat out random rewards using Destiny 2’s blanket token reputation system, rather than letting users pick out specific items. People did not like this.

Over the weekend, Bungie addressed the issue during its TwitchCon 2017 panel (archived by D0cR3d on reddit).

During the session, Bungie admitted it had heard the feedback, and that Destiny 2’s token economy was not always the best method of doling out rewards for everything.

Future Iron Banner events would let users exchange tokens and legendary shards for specific gear, Bungie announced. Iron Banner gear would also offer ornaments which require you to complete in-game objectives to unlock.

It sounds like we’ll need to wait a little while for these changes, however. One more Iron Banner will be held in Destiny 2’s Season 1, before Bungie refreshes the game for Season 2.

Seasons were Bungie’s other big announcement of the livestream – quarterly periods which will see Destiny 2 change on a predictable schedule and introduce new features, sandbox tuning and other reasons to return.

Season 2 will include Destiny’s festive event The Dawning, which will introduce snowball fights and ice hockey in the game’s social spaces.

The new season will also bring fresh gear to get from opening Bright Engrams, such as exotic ships, Sparrows, emotes and Ghosts.

Finally, Season 2 will bring a reset to your Destiny clan level, and new perks to unlock.

December is expected to bring Destiny 2’s first paid-for piece of DLC, themed around Mercury and Osiris. It’s likely we’ll see Season 2 sometime around then.