If Khan is so ‘generous’, he should hand over terrorist leader Azhar – Indian FM

New Delhi can’t have effective talks with Pakistan unless it cracks down on terrorist groups operating on its soil, Indian Minister of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj warned.

Last week, Pakistani security forces detained more than 40 people belonging to various terrorist groups, including the brother and the son of Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) leader, Masood Azhar. Prime Minister Imran Khan vowed to not allow the militants to use Pakistani territory “for any kind of outside terrorism.”

Speaking at a public event on Thursday, Sushma Swaraj challenged Khan’s commitment.

“We do not want talk on terror, we want action on it. Terror and talks cannot go together,” she stressed.

“We are ready to engage Pakistan in an atmosphere free from terror.”

Indian politicians have accused Pakistan of being unable to combat JeM and other militant groups that carry out cross-border attacks against India. Minister Swaraj took a jab at the Pakistani government, accusing it of directly aiding the terrorists.

“You not only keep JeM on your soil, but fund them and when the victim country retaliates, you attack it on the terror outfit’s behalf,” she said, adding that Islamabad also needs to control its army and chief intelligence agency, which seek to destroy relations between the states.

Following an attack that killed 40 Indian soldiers in Kashmir in February, New Delhi carried out an air raid into Pakistani territory targeting JeM camps, which led to the dramatic flare-up of tensions between the nations.

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