Kashmir flare-up continues: India reports ‘heavy’ shelling, Pakistan vows to fend off ‘aggression’

India claims Pakistan shelled its territory along the Line of Control (LoC) in Kashmir. Islamabad, in turn, accused India of numerous ceasefire violations.

Pakistani troops shelled the border town of Rajouri on the Indian-controlled part of Kashmir on Wednesday, Indian media reported, citing military officials. Islamabad used artillery, as well as small arms during the attack, and the Indian Army fired in retaliation, they said.

All schools were closed within 5km of the LoC in the area where the shelling took place.
This was the second ceasefire violation recorded by India that day. The previous incident also occurred in Rajouri district.

The spokesperson for the Pakistani Army, meanwhile, was quoted as saying that New Delhi is “continuously committing violations” along the LoC, and that the nation is “ready to answer Indian aggression.”

In recent days, the two countries have accused each other of cross-border fire that has claimed civilian casualties on both sides of the border.

The tensions between India and Pakistan escalated rapidly last month after New Delhi carried out an air raid targeting what it said were terrorist groups operating on Pakistani territory. The conflict quickly spiraled into open aerial combat, in which one Indian jet was confirmed being shot down and its pilot captured. The man was later returned to India as a “peace gesture.”

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