NFCA launches Scoring Seminar for 2018

Louisville, Ky. – The National Fastpitch Association has launched its scoring seminar for 2018. It is developed to guide coaches, scorekeepers and anyone who is or may not be familiar with the intricacies of scoring a softball game.

The Association along with the assistance of collegiate sports information directors were tasked with providing an inside look into softball scorekeeping. In doing so, the group put together a video that will guide you through the basic methods, rules and oddities of keeping the official book during a softball contest.

The video runs through several scenarios that may happen during a contest and how you would go about scoring those plays. It has everything from pre-game preparation and post-game wrapup to topics such as “what is a sacrifice hit” and “is it an earned or unearned run” to making that tough decision between a “hit and an error” and dealing with that unusual play.

New in 2018, we have provided the basics of keeping a manual scorebook, which includes a video demonstration of scorekeeping by hand. Additionally, there is a section on the DP/Flex rule, updated basic scoring rules, pitching situations and rare scoring situations.

NCAA Secretary-Rules Editor Vickie Van Kleeck provided a presentation on the new rules going into the season, including obstruction and illegal pitches.

Providing invaluable help to this project were athletics communication veterans Doug Meffley (Northwestern), Parker Griffith (Murray State), Jose’ Garcia (Tennessee State) and Chris Shoals (Kentucky) along with student assistant sports information director at NHTI, Concord’s Community College, Michael Martineau, Van Kleeck and Kentucky head coach Rachel Lawson.

Additionally, Scott Moriak (Florida State), Fran Elia (SUNY Cortland), Jason Bryden (Washington College) and Matt Smith (Nebraska) provided their knowledge and expertise in the original scoring seminar that was developed in 2016.

“It is designed for coaches, sports information personnel, players, parents, and anyone else who wants to learn how to accurately score a game,” said NFCA Executive Director Bruggeman.  “We invite you to watch the videos and presentations created from various scoring experts across the country.”

The seminar is now available for purchase (25.00) in our store at NFCA.org. To access the store, click on SHOP located in the menu at the top of the newsfeed or click on “Softball Scoring Seminar” in the drop down menu.