Police Search For Abdullahi Adan, Toronto Man Wanted In Alleged Kidnapping

Police investigating the alleged abduction of a Chinese student from a parking garage north of Toronto said they’ve managed to identify one of the four suspects wanted in the case.

York Regional Police Const. Andy Pattenden said Monday that investigators have issued a Canada-wide warrant for a 37-year-old Toronto man believed to be directly involved in the disappearance of 22-year-old Wanzhen Lu.

Lu gained national attention after police said he was forcibly dragged into a van near his home in Markham, Ont., only to resurface more than 150 kilometres away three days later.

Pattenden said that although Lu was found in good health and remains safe, the investigation into his violent alleged abduction remains active.

“Our investigators have been working tirelessly on this case,” Pattenden told reporters. “Even after Mr. Lou was found in good condition, our investigators have kept going. They’re working very, very hard to figure out who these people are and get them into custody.”

Pattenden shared few details about the first identified suspect, Abdullahi Adan of Toronto.

He did not reveal whether Adan had any prior connection to Lu, nor whether he was previously known to police, but described him as “armed and dangerous.”

Adan is currently wanted on one count each of kidnapping, forcible confinement, assault and assault with a weapon in Lu’s disappearance, police said.

Lu shocked with stun gun and dragged into vehicle

Lu’s disappearance drew widespread attention within hours of police’s first description of what they characterized as a violent assault.

Investigators said the student was walking with a friend toward an elevator after parking his car at his condominium around 6 p.m. on March 23 when a black wheelchair-accessible minivan came up behind him.

Police alleged three men jumped out of the van while the driver remained behind the wheel, grabbed Lu, shocked him multiple times with a stun gun and dragged him into the vehicle before speeding off.

Lu’s friend, a young woman, was not injured in the incident, but was traumatized by what police called the “brazen” incident.

Security images released by police showed three male suspects wearing winter jackets with their hoods wrapped tight to their faces.

Police had issued numerous appeals to the alleged abductors to release Lu, which Pattenden said they likely did three days after driving off with him. He said Lu showed up asking for help at a home near Gravenhurst, in the heart of the province’s cottage country, just over 72 hours after he went missing.

Pattenden theorized that the suspects had dropped him off in the area earlier in the evening. Lu was taken to a local hospital and briefly treated for minor injuries before being returned to York Region.

Pattenden did not provide further updates on Lu’s condition Monday, or any potential motive for the alleged abduction.