UPDATE: Anthem Demo Server Issues Fixed on PC, PS4, EA Still Working on Xbox One

UPDATE 2 (4:11PM PT): An EA and BioWare representative provided the following statement to IGN:

“The main issue impacting the Anthem VIP demo on PC and PS4 has been resolved. Anyone who has had an issue on those platforms should restart the game and attempt to join again. Our team is still working on fixes for some of the issues we’re seeing on Xbox One.”

UPDATE: On Twitter, BioWare general manager Casey Hudson wrote, “Turns out to not be a server capacity issue. Seems to be a different issue that didn’t come up in previous scale testing. Teams are on it…”

EA is working to fix the server issues that are currently impacting Anthem’s VIP demo.

In a Twitter post from EA global community manager Jesse Anderson, he says “Servers are getting SLAMMED for the #AnthemGame VIP demo right now. The team is working on it as we speak.” The EA Help account stated it is adding more server capacity to the demo to fix the issues.

Many players are reporting that they cannot get into the VIP demo, and are instead met with errors in retrieving live service data and that servers are reaching max capacity. It appears the official redemption website has been running into some issues as well.


The VIP demo began this morning and will run until January 27 for those who pre-ordered the game or subscribe to Origin Access or EA Access. The open demo will occur a week later, spanning from February 1-3. For more information about how you can sign in to the demo when the servers are working again, check out our Anthem demo wiki page.

BioWare has previously explained how the Anthem demo differs from the final game, including tutorials, balance and bug fixes. You can also check out IGN’s Anthem demo world premiere. BioWare is already responding to player complaints about the game, and will be implementing a social hub.

Anthem is coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One on February 22.

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