Venezuela regime-change champion John Bolton says US won’t tolerate foreign meddling in the country

Washington abhors the thought of foreign actors intervening in the Western hemisphere, and calls on the Venezuelan military to support the US-backed opposition leader in Caracas, John Bolton has thoughtfully tweeted. Come again?

“The United States will not tolerate hostile foreign military powers meddling with the Western Hemisphere’s shared goals of democracy, security, and the rule of law. The Venezuelan military must stand with the people of Venezuela,” the national security adviser wrote on Monday.

The tweet was clearly directed at Moscow, which sent Russian military personnel to Caracas to discuss defense industry cooperation with Venezuela. The consultations, however, were not related to the political turmoil in the country, and had been scheduled long before Juan Guaido, with full backing from Washington, declared himself Venezuela’s leader in January.

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza expressed disbelief over Washington’s attempt to frame defense cooperation between Venezuela and Russia as some sort of devious imperialist plot. He noted that it was pure “cynicism” for the US, with “more than 800 military bases in the world,” to lecture others about alleged foreign meddling.

In total, Bolton’s very airtight Twitter prose received more than 800 responses, with many inquiring about Bolton’s train of thought.

“I am sure that other countries feel the same way about us,” one weary Twitter user responded.

“Oh the irony,” quipped another member of the Twitterati.

“Is this some sort of Vaudeville sketch?” asked journalist Patrick Henningsen.

Others were impressed by Bolton’s 19th century foreign policy positions.

“President Bolton reinvokes the Imperialist geopolitical ideology of the Monroe Doctrine over the entire Western Hemisphere,” observed analyst Mark Sleboda.

“John Bolton s**tting on people for meddling in others’ affairs….. classic,” one Twitter user noted.

The senior White House adviser has repeatedly used Twitter as a means to disseminate his unique vision for the world. Aside from his countless pronouncements about the need for regime change in Venezuela, Bolton has also targeted Iran and Syria with strongly worded tweets.

Bolton’s insistence that the Western hemisphere is a US-only playground is also nothing new.

“In this administration we’re not afraid to use the phrase ‘Monroe Doctrine,’” Bolton said earlier in March.

“[Venezuela] is a country in our hemisphere and it’s been the objective of American presidents going back to Ronald Reagan to have a completely Democratic hemisphere.”

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov described Bolton’s statement as “arrogant” and “insulting” to all the countries in Latin America.

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