Benetton presents estimates

International fashion group Benetton, published its preliminary revenue estimates for the first half of 2008. The group indicates an increase of around 5 percent, at constant exchange rates, compared with the first half of 2007. The expected results take account of the new delivery calendar for collections, developed to take advantage of new business opportunities in an ever more dynamic market. It also covers an exceptional occurrence, which caused a temporary delay in the shipment and invoicing of garments in the second quarter of the year.

Based on the first indications for the first half of the year, Benetton confirms the guidance for the 2008 financial year as communicated in its first quarter results approved by the Board of Directors in May. The fashion brand consolidated revenues increased to 465 million Euros going up with 3,4 percent, and net income rose with 8,6 percent to 29 million Euros.

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