This Kid’s Reaction to “Bad & Boujee” Just Won Coachella

Usually, kids aren’t the ones who go viral turning up at Coachella … but this little guy has the Internet buzzing.

When Migos hit the stage at the famed music and arts festival over the weekend, a platinum blonde kid sitting on his dad’s shoulders in the audience put on a show of his own. As the group spit the lyrics to “Bad & Boujee,” the tyke started dancing like a pro, dabbing, and moving back and forth as he recited the lyrics right along with them.

As he did, people in the crowd started noticing, cheering him on, and filming him with their cell phones—not surprising since the kid is nothing short of a star in the making. “Kid was lit at Coachella,” one video caption on Twitter read, while another Tweeter wrote, “Kids can go to Coachella?!”


And that was just the beginning. In another video, As Drake’s “Fake Love” poured through the speakers, he was at it again, this time turning up as his dad stood next to New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham.

He knew all the words to that one too and danced along again, as Beckham joined in with him.

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Simply epic.

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