Model Elizabeth Pipko: 'Jexodus' Helps Jewish Millennials Leave the Antisemitic Left

Fashion model and Jexodus spokesperson Elizabeth Pipko explained her movement’s plans to help young Jews reject partisan Democrat and left-wing politics during a Tuesday interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight with Rebecca Mansour and Joel Pollak.

“Jexodus is a totally genuine grassroots movement started by young millennials who are just trying to galvanize young Jews across the country and get them involved in what’s happening in politics,” said Pipko, “seeing what’s going on in both parties, and also getting them involved in voting in 2020.”


“And most importantly, creating an environment where young Jews can feel unafraid, stand up for themselves and their beliefs, and feel free to come to their own conclusions about what’s going on and decide who they want to vote for and how they want to be involved, and not let the media and the narrative decide that for them,” added Pipko.

Jexodus describes itself on its website:

Pollak invited Pipko’s comment on House Democrats’ postponement of a proposed resolution opposing antisemitism.

“I think even the vote was a small effort in pretending that they cared [about antisemitism],” assessed Pipko. “There has been such an outrage in the media and among Republicans in Congress, and everyone that surrounds them, but I don’t feel any strong effort. I actually feel it’s getting worse since the Obama presidency, so I’m not really believing that it’s going to happen or that it’s going to change anything.”

Democrats cynically exploit fears of antisemitism to coerce Jews to support left-wing politics with false narratives, said Pipko.

“Democrats choose to use fear and scare people into believing that this is the right way to vote,” stated Pipko. “Even doing the research and finding out what President Trump stands for is too far, and they follow what everyone is doing before thinking for themselves. I think what’s most important is to do the research and see what President Trump has done and has said, not only about the Jewish people, but about Israel and standing with Israel. If you actually look at what’s been done versus what’s been told to you that’s been done, you’ll actually change your mind.”

Jews on college and university campuses are pressured by left-wing groups to divorce Judaism and Zionism, explained Pipko.

“What’s being to told to young people — specifically millennials on college campuses — is that to be proudly Jewish is for some reason be against Israel,” Pipko remarked. “I think there’s huge pressure to conform to that, especially, like I said on college campuses. People are separating supporting Israel and being Jewish. People are trying to get people against what’s going on in the Middle East, so we explain to them what’s actually happening. They’re trying to make young people believe that you can be proudly Jewish while standing against Israel. That’s what I’m seeing on college campuses. That’s what I’m seeing young people dealing with every single day. ”

Much of the push to separate Jews from supporting Israel “starts with the Democratic Party,” said Pipko.

Pipko noted the importance of entering “the belly of the beast” — left-wing platforms such as MSNBC and evening TV comedy shows — in order to successfully win over left-wing and Democrat-supporting Jews.

Pipko recalled criticisms directed at her from leftists and Democrats. “I’ve been told that I’m not allowed to be this person and be a woman, I’m not allowed to be this person and be a Jew, I’m not allowed to be this person and be from New York, all these things,” she said. “The more I deal with that, I realize how many other people are dealing with the exact same thing, and that actually scared me, and encouraged me to reject it.”

Jexodus is planning “big events in New York and Florida,” said Pipko. “We plan to go across the country in 2020. We’ll be visiting Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Colorado, all the important states where 2020 really matters. We can be effective based on what we do.”

In January 2019, Pipko revealed she was a member of Trump’s 2016 campaign staff but kept her support a secret to protect her modeling career — as she had appeared in publications like Maxim and Sports Illustrated. “My manager kept saying how evil the people who work for him must be and that he would never work with anyone who supported him,” she told the New York Post. “I was terrified they would find out that I was one of the so-called evil people.”

Pipko married her husband in December 2018 at Mar-a-Lago.

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