Council renews China solar anti-dumping tariffs

Council renews China solar anti-dumping tariffs

Tariffs are now seen as a deterrent to keep companies compliant with maximum pricing arrangement.

European Union member states today (2 December) voted to back a European Commission decision to impose anti-dumping and anti-subsidy measures on imports of solar panels from China, but only for those companies that are not participating in a compromise arrangement reached between the two sides.

The arrangement, in which Chinese solar companies agreed to sell their panels in the EU at a maximum price of €0.56 per watt, was reached in July. That agreement came eight weeks after the Commission imposed temporary punitive tariffs on the Chinese companies. Those temporary tariffs were scheduled to end this month.

The decision to set the tariffs for an additional two years from 6 December is meant merely as a deterrent for the companies to ensure they stick with the conditions of the arrangement. Companies participating in the arrangement will be exempt from the tariffs.

The vote comes just days after the European Commission announced separate duties on Chinese imports of glass used in solar panels. The EU says China’s producers are exporting at unfairly low prices. The duties, which began on Thursday (28 November), will range from 17.1% to 42.1%. The temporary measures will have to be confirmed by member states by May.

Dave Keating