Colorado Bear Caught On Video Stealing Dumpster Outside Pot Shop

LYONS, CO — A resourceful Colorado bear, now nicknamed “Cheeseburger,” was caught on camera taking a dumpster “to go.” The bear tried to break into the dumpster beside The Bud Depot marijuana dispensary in Lyons.

Cheeseburger was so enamored with the dumpster that he broke through a wooden fence to get to it.

A video posted by Colorado Parks and Wildlife shows the bear poking around the dumpster, and when he couldn’t get inside, he maneuvered the container through a gateway and took off with the whole thing.

Cheeseburger visits The Bud Depot frequently, news station KDVR reported. Nikko Garza, the shop’s manager jokingly told the news outlet that it’s possible the bear wants a job and is “just showing initiative.”

Did the bear want to get high? Probably not, Garza said. The dumpster just contains boxes.

“It’s none of the fun stuff like you would imagine,” he said.

But Cheeseburger’s ambition is rivaled. Earlier this month, another Colorado bear broke into a car and took it for a ride.