Stellar Field For NY’s Stockade-athon 15K

Stockade-athon Elite Entries 41th
Annual- Nov 13th, 2016

Prepared by Vince Juliano & Karen Bertasso

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Men Open

BIB 2- John Raneri AZ

BIB 3- Jake Sienko RI

BIB 4- Dan Lennon NY

BIB 5- Louis Serafini MA

BIB 6- Omar Boulama NY

BIB 7- Johnathan Aziz CO

BIB 8- Eric MacKnight NY              

BIB 9- Thomas Young NJ Withdrew

BIB 10- Matt Brooker NY

BIB 11- Jacob Andrews NY

BIB 12- Conor Cashin MA

BIB 13 Scott Mindel MA

BIB 14 Alex Benway NY

BIB 15 Dylan Lowry NY

BIB 16 Aaron Lozier NY

BIB 17 Andrew Dionne NY

BIB 18 Greg Selke NY

BIB 19 Shaun Donegan NY

BIB 20 Nick Webster NY


Women  Open

BIB 1 Hannah Davidson NY

BIB 21 Karen Bertasso NY

BIB 22 Katie O’Regan PA

BIB 23 Erin Lopez NY Withdrew

BIB 24 Mollie Turner NY

BIB 25 Katie Messina MA

BIB 26 Hannah Brooker NY

BIB 27 Sasha Mindel MA

BIB 28 Sara Buckley CT


Men Masters

BIB 29 Mark Andrews 46
NY      –

BIB 30 Kent Lemme 50 MA

BIB 31 Joseph Ekeom 46 NY

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BIB 32 Tim Van Orden 48 MA


Women  Masters


BIB 33 Emily Bryans 49 NY

BIB 34 Erin Corcoran
43 NY

BIB 35 Renee Tolan 42 NY

Men 50+ AG

BIB 36- Derrick Staley
58 NY

BIB 37 ‰ÛÓ John Stadtlander
50 NY

BIB 38- John
Noonan   57 NY

BIB 39- Kevin Dollard
60 NY

BIB 40- Tim Haley 67 NY

BIB 42- Roger Robinson
73 NY


Women 50+ AG


BIB 43- Susan Hay 53 OR

BIB 44 Beth Stalker 56 NY

BIB 45 Stephanie Landy 56 NY

BIB 46 Lori Kingsley 50 PA

BIB 47 Martha Degrazia 65 NY

BIB 51 Karen Provencher 61 NY



Other Seeded BIBS



BIB 41 Mark Mindel NY  
 ‰ÛÓ Honorary BIB

BIB 48 Carlos Roa  NY- Late

BIB 49 Cole Sanseverino MI Late Entry

BIB 50 John Busque CT Late

BIB 52 Tom Dalton 58 NY Late Entry

BIB 53 Hector Rivera
45 NJ Late

BIB 54 Jonas Hampton CT Late Entry



BIB 85 Ed Whitlock 85 ON,



BIB 1 Returning champion Hannah Davidson is a
national ranked runner who was only 10 seconds off the Stockade-athon event
record last year when she posted a 51:19. 
Hannah recently posted a 33:35 10K at Tufts last month (7th
American). Named “NY Runner of the Year” by New England Runner Magazine in
2015. Attempting to win her 3rd Stockade-athon title in 4 years.


Open Men’s Field Summary

BIB 2 – John
Raneri ‰ÛÓ 2009 Connecticut XC runner of the year. Qualified for Footlocker
Championship with a 4th place at the NE Regionals.  At University of North Carolina Raneri
was a 2-time NCAA XC National Championship Qualifier. At UNC his outdoor track
bests were 5K 14:07 and 10K 29:48. In 2015 ran the Philly Half in 1:04:29 to
qualify for the Olympic Trials. Most recently posted a 1:01:11 at the New Haven
National 20K Championships.  Training in Flagstaff Az.

BIB 3 – Jake
Sienko- Rhode Island Runner‰Û¢went to Columbia U, and spent time in Portland OR
post college. Targeted Houston Half Marathon in 2015 and made the Olympic
Trials Q in first attempt‰Û¢1:04:35. Followed that effort with another half
marathon in 1:04:25. Favorite Quote” You can’t teach guts”.


BIB 4- Dan Lennon- Peru NY native and 2011 Foot Locker
Finalist is a recent graduate of Syracuse U. (2016) where he posted collegiate
bests at Outdoor Track 5K 14:12 and 10K 28:46.  At recent road 10K he ran 31:23 at the hilly Pit Run in
Oneonta. 15K Debut.


BIB 5 – Lou
Serafini ‰ÛÓ Niskayuna NY native…now lives in Boston. Was named 2015 MA Runner
of the year by NE Runner Magazine and also won the New England USATF Grand
Prix.  A self-described “blue collar
runner” has 2016 personal bests at the Half Marathon 1:04:17 in April and most
recently at the MHR Marathon posted a PB 2:17:25. Serafini has also posted 15K
PB of 47:05 at the 2014 Stockade-athon where he placed 5th.  Appears to have the home course


BIB 6– Omar Boulama , another Syracuse U graduate
(2015) has dominated western New Yorks competitive road racing circuit in 2016,
earning victories at Johnny’s Running of the Green 5M (24:48), the Lilac
Festival 10K (30:55), & the Festival of Races 5K (14:40). He also placed 4th
at the Subaru Chase 4M in 19:12 as the first update New York finisher.

BIB 7- Johnathan Aziz ‰ÛÓ Guilderland NY
native‰Û¢graduated from Syracuse U and is now a University of Colorado Grad
Student. Returned home last year to establish a new 5K record at the 4 decades
old Troy Turkey Trot.14:53.  In
2015 he posted a 1:07:01 half marathon at Rock & Roll San Jose CA.


BIB 8 Eric MacKnight- local standout ran to a
personal best runner-up finish last year at the Stockade-athon (46:41) and
tuned up for this years race with an impressive victory at the Saratoga XC 5K


BIB 9 Blank

BIB 10– Matt
Brooker- PA native now local runner posted an impressive victory at the Albany
Workforce Challenge 3.5M (17:01) this spring. In early October finished 4th
at the MHR Marathon in a PB 2:26‰Û¢in only his second marathon.


BIB 11 – Jacob
Andrews RPI standout made his half marathon debut at the Hannaford Half‰Û¢and won
in 1:07:55. Stockade-athon will be his 15K debut.


BIB 12– Conor
Cashin ran to a 6th place finish in his Stockade-athon debut last
year in a fine 47:43.  Cashin finished
3rd at the local Hannaford Half in 1:08:40.


BIB 13– Scott
Mindel ran 31:43 at the Butte to Butte 10K in July, and finished in the top 10
at the Stockade-athon last year. May better this rating. 


BIB 14 -Alex
Benway local talent finished 3rd at the Arsenal City 5k in 15:30 and
posted a 25:36 at his hometown 5M race this spring.  Ran a 48:18 at his Stockade-athon debut in 2014.

BIB 15– Dylan
Lowry ran a 1:12 half last year. 
Posted a 15:35 at the 2016 OK 5K this past June.


BIB 16- Aaron
Lozier went sub 1:12 this year at the Hannaford Half and posted a 20:22 at the
ROG 4 Miler.


BIB 17– Andrew
Dionne ‰ÛÓ Syracuse runner made the podium at the 2016 Mountain Goat 10 miler .
Last year ran sub 2:30 at the MHR Marathon.


BIB 18- Greg
Selke ran to a sub 51minute 15K at the Boilermaker.


BIB 19– Shawn
Donegan  posted a 20:53 at the
Firecraker 4M,  and won the
Adirondack Half Marathon in 1:13:55.


BIB 20– Nick
Webster ran a 72 half and posted a 51:08 in 2014. Missed most of 2015 with
injury but is trending upward of late and is healthy.


Open Women’s Field Summary


BIB 21 Karen Bertasso
placed 4th in the 2015 Stockade-athon (56:11). Earlier this year she
ran a 2:46 marathon at Houston, finished 2nd female at the
Firecracker 4 miler in Saratoga Springs. 5K 17:31 at Flat Fast 5K in Westfield


BIB 22 Katie O’Regan
is a Stockade-athon mainstay who routinely finishes on the podium (top 5). She
finished 5th last year and is a regular mountain goat. She placed 20th
at the USA Mountain Running Championships this year in NH.


BIB 23 Blank


BIB 24 Mollie
Turner ‰ÛÓ won the Arsenal 5K in a course record 17:20 in September and followed
with a victory at the Saratoga XC 5K this October in 17:47. This will be her
15K debut since returning to competitive running after taking parental leave
the past few years.


BIB 25 Katie
Messina ‰ÛÓ Boston runner posted a 36:29 at the James Joyce 10K and a 79 half
marathon earlier this spring. May better this rating.


BIB 26 Hannah
Brooker ran 2nd at the Troy Turkey Trot last November 36:55 and at this years
Malta 5K where she posted a 17:33.


BIB 27 Sasha Mindel
‰ÛÓ braved the heat at the Olympic Marathon Trials this past February. She
returns to the Stockade-athon after a few years, and she has run well here in
the past.


BIB 28 Sara
Buckley ‰ÛÓ winner of the Hartford 5K last month and recently ran a 37:35 10K PB.
This will be her 15K debut.


Masters Men & Women


BIB 29 Mark
Andrews 46 ‰ÛÓ National Masters 10K Champion at James Joyce  (32:45) and won his age-group at
National Masters 5K with a world class 15:39. In 2011 at age 41, Andrews
finished 3rd at the Stockade-athon