Annual General Assembly of Iran Volleyball federation

Tehran, Iran, January 20, 2015- The Annual General Assembly of Iran Volleyball Federation started at 09:00 , as the conference hall of the Olympic Academy in Enghlab sports center here in Tehran was venue for this meeting.

The gathering was headed by Dr Nasrollah SAJJADI – the vice of Sport and Youth Minister for sport championship, who is also the chief for general assembly of all sport federations. Dr Mohamad Reza DAVARZANi president of volleyball federation, representative of the National Olympic Committee, General Director of the joint office for federations, General secretary of volleyball federation as the general Director of the Assembly, board members, chief of the volleyball associations from 31 provinces, representatives of coaches, representatives of sport clubs and mangers of volleyball federation along with Mass Media people were present in the assembly.

During the meeting were held different conversations on all topics – the finance auditor who is also treasurer of the federation awarded his finance report with detail figures.


Then at 11:00 started the long joint meeting of volleyball federation with chiefs of provincial volleyball associations.

It is amazing since this general assembly was the first meeting prior organizing General assemblies for all sport federation .Their assembly will be flowed in coming weeks in turn according the dates. It shows that volleyball federation acts as a pioneer federation in all sport aspects. A welcome speech from the President of the volleyball federation was followed   by report of past year activity and current situation, then he offered the future plans and programs .Every sector had its own comprehensive explanation. He also introduced Dr Ahmad Ziaee as the new vice president. This gentleman has been cooperated as the board member from starting the service of Davarzani’s presidency.

In brief president outlined the previous plans as below: In world league we stood at 9th rank/in the champions cup of the world we got 4th place/Seminars of techniques &tactics/training methodology/Coaching and Refereeing courses were organized/ our international referee Mr Shahmiri judged as a prominent referee  in the international tournaments/ Talent  finding of youngsters and selection of best among them / having different leagues with 1050 matches/ beating teams of Italy, Brazil, Poland and USA/ leaving of Julio Velasco/ Joining of Slobodan Kocac/Gold medal of Asian games of Korea/ dispatching wives and kids of players to Incheon of Korea for re-gathering players with families/Championship of youth boys team/ fifth rank of the Asia and world by junior men’s/women’s team got 7th rank of Asia/hosting of games and matches of world league/promotion of beach volley teams/finding finance sponsor .

Then he expressed gladness for all prominent achievements and high promotion in volleyball across the country, thanked sincerely all who have helped the federation. He mentioned our final goal is going to the Olympic Games and standing over one of the championship steps.

 Dr SAJJADI said: “Your federation is one of the most successful federations. Its work is result of precise planning and team work. Its results depends to the work of all active persons namely coaches, clubs , provincial volleyball bureaus   and … ,volleyball could be a model for other federations since it turned impossible goals to possible ones. This model had plans, experts has worked hard in a group.”

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At the end meeting some questions raised by participants, related answers were given by vice minister, president and finance Auditor of the federation.

The End


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