Volleyball match at a football stadium?

The Polish Volleyball Federation has unveiled an ambitious plan to stage its June FIVB World League matches against Brazil at the National Stadium in Warsaw. It would be the first test of this stadium before the 2014 Volleyball World Championships in Poland because the opening ceremony and the inaugural match of the tournament may be played there.


The idea is still in its formative stages and much research and many tests must be undertaken before the 58,500-seat stadium can be confirmed as a World League venue.


A initiator of the idea is Miroslaw Przedpelski the Polish Volleyball Federation president and the FIVB Vice-president responsible for marketing – ‘So far, it is only a loose project and we are obligated to see a lot of details, for instance, whether the wind will not be too strong and if the visibility is adequate. Obviously, it would be a fantastic show observed by about 60,000 thousand crowd. Next summer, we are going to play one World League match at the stadium so it will be a proper chance to do the test’Miroslaw Przedpelski said a month ago.


On Friday, Polish national team coach Andrea Anastasi visited the stadium along with his assistant coach Andrea Gardini, PVF Secretary General Andrzej Lemek, World League Technical Director Waldemar Kobienia, Polish national team official Andrzej Wolkowyski and manager Hubert Tomaszewski. 


The group inspected the stadium and its facilities to assess the viability of playing a volleyball match there.


‘Organizing a volleyball match at the National Stadium is a great idea,’ Andrea Anastasi commented. ‘It will be an amazing performance. I really want to play here, even though I realize it will not be an easy task from an organizational point of view. I like the stadium. We have been in the stands and the visibility is really good.’


The next step is to arrange a test match at the stadium, which could pave the way for the June Poland-Brazil match to be watched by around 60,000 spectators.


Poland’s National Stadium was completed in November 2011 and was used as a venue in the Euro 2012 football tournament. It also hosts theatre performances and rock concerts. The greatest advantage of the stadium is a mobile roof, hence, this sport arena can host a outdoor sports, but after closing the roof, an indoor sport events as well.