Take it to the Table- Top 5 WORST Moments on WWE TV in 2019

Hello All,
It’s yo’ Boy Chaos and we got another brand new episode of Take it to The Table.
If you are a fan of WWE, you can expect a lot of highs…and LOT of eye-rolling lows.
And in this episode, we focus on especially those lows. Thats right! Myself, and regular guests Mr Rymz and Ridez choose our personal Top 5 WORST moments in WWE that have unfortunately graced our TVs in 2019.
Remember the Viking Experience?? Or the ‘awesome’ Hell In A Cell match with Seth Rollins & The Fiend?? Goldberg and Undertaker at Super ShowDown? The “Who Attacked Roman Reigns” Storyline??
We talk about those and much more. So join in on the conversation..and Let’s Take It…..To The Table!!!
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