The strongest league of the world restarted!

After a long break we came back on the Italian Serie A1 court. This season started in Trento where the Italian Champions played against Monza Brianza.



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A big tournament, the European Championship, has just finished. The players who play in the Italian League didn’t have much time to rest. For one part of players the ECH was successful, for another – disappointing. Before the club season started the captain of Itas Diatec Trentino, Matey Kaziyski, said: “I returned to Trento earlier than I hoped. I can’t be satisfied with the result we achieved in Czech Republic. Now I want to start winning quickly.”

In the 1st match of this season of Serie A1 he and his teammates showed they’re in good shape either physical and mental. Trento had a good start in the 1st set. They quickly attained an advantage over the guests from Monza, atomic attacks of Kaziyski and Trento led 13:5. Monza was trying to even the score thanks to good game in attack and service of Mauro Gavotto, but the team of coach Radostin Stoychev didn’t concede and brought the 6-points-lead till the end of the set, ended by Osmany Juantorena who gained an ace.

In the 2nd set Monza was still under the domination of their opponents. Thanks to strong services of band constant game in attack of Juantorena Trento led 12:8. One poin before the 2nd technical timeout Trento started to make errors (Kaziyski in reception, Sokolov in attack). Zhukouski gained an ace and it was 16:16. However, Matteo Burgsthaler in block and Dore Della Lunga in attack saved the result (24:22). The last point scored Tsvetan Sokolov.

The most tied part of the game was the 3rd set. None of the teams was able to take the lead, until the result 7:8 for Monza. Thanks to Marco Molteni and Mauro Gavotto, on the second technical timeout, the guests took the advantage 14:16. Trento evened the score (18:18 and 21:21), Kaziyski shined on the service, Juantorena in attack. The match ended Raphael by blocking Gavotto. The MVP of the match was chosen Matey Kaziyski.

Simone Buti (Monza) said: “We are not able to win even a set against Trento in PalaTrento. Every year it’s the same. However, in respect to last years we played better today, although we didn’t have many trainings together. Congratulations to Zhukouski who played a big match, even if the result is not satisfying.”