WWE Apparently Drops Plans For Tag Team MITB Ladder Match

Last year’s Money In The Bank event saw the first-ever Women’s Money In The Bank ladder match and the entire event pretty much centered around that milestone. But this year’s event was rumored to include another ladder match this time putting a tag team Money In The Bank briefcase into play.
Breezango and The Ascension both cut promos on the first Raw building to Money In The Bank talking about how they were going to win the briefcase but then the next night on SmackDown Live there were no tag teams cutting promos on the show claiming to win Money In The Bank. It looks like this might have been the plan at one point, but now the Tag Team Money In The Bank match looks like it might have to wait until another year.
The Wrestling Observer Newsletter mentioned that it appears WWE has dropped the idea of holding a Tag Team Money In The Bank match.

Although it’s not out of the picture that WWE could arrange a third Money In The Bank ladder match in the matter of a week, it doesn’t appear to be the case. It was noted that since a member of The New Day is going to be in the ladder match that this gives more weight to the idea WWE isn’t holding a MITB match for tag teams, but Bryan Alvarez also noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that they could always insert the other two members of The New Day in the tag team match if WWE decided to do it.
But at this time it doesn’t look like WWE will be using the idea of a Tag Team Money In The Bank ladder match this year.

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