WWE Total Divas season finale recap: Dolph Ziggler the homewrecker

Submitted by Ryan Pike for WrestlingObserver.com

Paige Doesn’t Want To Get Married

We get a replay from last week, where Paige told Alicia she (a) didn’t want to get married but (b) didn’t want to lose her boyfriend. She gets conflicting advice from everyone, including Big Show (who advises her to “take what she can get”). Her boyfriend comes back from tour early to surprise her and she agonizes over whether to tell him or not. She decides that since she’s going on tour to Japan, she’ll tell him when she gets back. Probably.

TJ Breaks His Neck

Nattie goes to the eye doctor and frets about maybe needing eye surgery to avoid a retina issue, but would be very vulnerable to having detached retinas. Then TJ breaks his neck, but then they avoid mentioning his specific injury or what happened, despite him wearing a neck brace. Needless to say, TJ needs neck surgery (and his career is in jeopardy) and Nattie needs eye surgery (and her career is in jeopardy). So she lies to TJ that her eyes are fine so that he can focus on his surgery and recovery; she figures she can get her eye issue dealt with in a few months.

Eva Marie Goes To NXT

Eva finishes her training and goes down to NXT too get “street cred,” as the head writer says. She comes out for a match and the crowd goes crazy with hatred. She’s ecstatic that the fans care about her (and they kind of gloss over how they hate her).

Dolph Ziggler, Homewrecker

Nikki used to date Dolph. Dolph runs into Nikki – turns out they used to date years back – and flirts with her all episode (she’s not that receptive). Brie asks him point-blank if he has feelings for Nikki (and is using their history to try to manipulate her) and he avoids answering the question entirely. John Cena makes his longest appearance of the season, having dinner with Nikki – where she brings up how pregnant all her friends are, as Dolph mentioned earlier in the episode to her.

Finally, Dolph does admit he has feelings for Nikki and then pours his heart out about how he’s more mature than he was when they went out before and he can give her everything she wants (like kids and a husband). And again, she seems very unresponsive (and reiterates how wonderful and magical and perfect John Cena, World’s Most Understanding Man, is).

Our big season-ending cliffhanger is Dolph trying to kiss the girlfriend of the industry’s biggest star. But hey, at least Total Divas solved the mystery of why Ziggler’s pushes have been so infrequent and uneven since he’s been in WWE.