NWA Super Power results: Strictly Business vs. Villain Enterprises

Billy Corgan opened the show and talked about how he hoped everyone was safe. He said that this episode of NWA Power was meant to be the go-home show for the Crockett Cup, but it had to be postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. He promised an announcement about the future of the NWA at the end of the show.

Marty Scurll and Brody King came out to cheers from the crowd. Scurll said he didn’t come alone, and that when you mess with him, you mess with the whole of Villain Enterprises. King talked about how him and PCO were the winners of the Crockett Cup last year and are former NWA Tag Team Champions. King promised that Scurll would be the next NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion.

A recap of Kamille’s story played here that we saw a preview to a few weeks ago. They also replayed her promo, which was just as excellent as the first time I saw it.

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express came out for an interview with Sean Mooney. Ricky Morton said that since 1985, he’s been looking for the Crockett Cup. He said last year they lost in the first round to The Briscoes, but that they still have a chance of winning because no one thought they could be nine-time champions.


The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express defeated Shooter Stevens & The Question Mark

Before the match started, Stevens claimed his black belt proved his virility. Well then. Question Mark started the match with Morton and dropped him with a palm strike. Stevens tagged in, missed an elbow, and tagged back out to Question Mark. Question Mark sent Morton into the corner.

Question Mark tagged out and Stevens ate several punches from Morton and Gibson and Flair flopped into the middle of the ring. Stevens asked “What happened?!” but raked the eyes and started to get the heat on Morton. Stevens then asked for a timeout for a breather. Trevor Murdoch came out, and Stevens said he had backup named Question Mark Jr.

Brian Milonas came out wearing a Question Mark mask. He helped choke Morton on the ropes, but Murdoch chased him around the ring. Question Mark Jr. collapsed out of breath halfway around the ring, and Stevens got angry. Gibson shoved Stevens and he fell backwards into a roll-up from Morton for the 1-2-3.

This was a ton of fun with it being a pure comedy match. I loved the spot for the finish, and Question Mark Jr. being out of breath.


Melina came out and cut a promo about why she should get a shot at the NWA Women’s Championship. Melina said Allysin Kay doesn’t deserve a shot at the title because she lost it and then lost her rematch.

Kay came out and the referees were there to keep them apart. Kay said that Thunder Rosa beat her fair and square, and because Melina ruined her rematch, she wanted to fight Melina at the Crockett Cup. Kay called Melina a coward.

Thunder Rosa came out to a massive pop. She assured Kay that the interference had nothing to do with her losing and she said she didn’t need help to be champion. She wanted to represent her family, dojo, and the NWA with pride. She isn’t going to lay down for anyone, including Melina. Thunder Rosa said she wanted a triple threat with Kay and Melina, saying she could take both of them.


Tim Storm defeated Jax Dane in a no DQ match

Dane started the match by attacking Storm at ringside and then hitting a big splash in the corner. Dane hit a belly-to-belly suplex on Storm, which is crazy, because Storm is a very big man. Storm sent Dane flying into the steps as Joe Galli told us that it took Storm multiple times to beat Dane for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship.

Both men brawled into the crowd and Storm sent Dane into the railing at the top of the stairs. Dane’s punches were not very good, but he clobbered Storm. Storm hit an elbow, took Dane to the top of the stairs, and drove Dane into a poster of Storm’s own face. Storm used a gate on the leg of Dane, but Dane fought back and sent Storm down the stairs with a punch.

They came down to the announce table and brawled more at ringside, where Storm and Dane started to chop the crap out of each other. Dane went for a belly-to-belly on the floor, but Storm didn’t quite get over, and it looked like his shoulder was driven into the floor. That had to suck. Danny Deals gave Dane a chair, but he was unable to send Storm into it.

Storm hit a big boot, but Dane stood right up and hit the Dane Effect (a Samoan drop). Storm stood up too, and Dane charged him, but Storm dodged and Dane crashed head-first into the chair and walked backwards into a Perfect Storm for the three count.

Danny Deals now has to be in the ring for five minutes with Tim Storm! Deals tried to run away but the referee didn’t let him. The fans chanted “Tim is gonna kill you!” They then chanted “Get in the ring!” as they wanted Storm to beat him up. Deals got into the ring, put glasses on, and pretended to be Mama Storm again with a wig.

Storm pulled the wig and glasses off and then Deals tried to hug him. Storm patted him on the back, and Deals offered a handshake. Storm took it and then sent him flying into the ropes and hit a Perfect Storm. Storm picked him up and hit one more to a roar from the crowd.

The match wasn’t anything special, but Storm is such an amazing babyface that I still loved this.


May Valentine’s Diary aired and she talked about how upset she was that Royce Isaacs got jealous of Sal Rinauro. May was very upset that Isaacs tried to break Rinauro’s other arm and talked about how Isaacs seems like he is starting to lose his mind with jealously. This was good.


Tasha Steelz defeated Ashley Vox and Marti Belle in a triple threat match

Vox and Steelz are friends, so they didn’t want to start the match with each other, but they did fair and square when Belle stepped out of the ring. Vox went for a pinfall, but Belle broke it up and drove Vox into the ring post. Belle hit running knees on both Steelz and Vox before hitting rolling suplexes on Vox.

Steelz cut her off and avoided a charge from Belle by floating over, but ate a boot from Vox. Belle hit a rolling elbow on Vox and went for a Samoan drop, but Vox hit a superkick on Belle and then locked in the Reel Catch on Steelz. Belle hit a pump kick on Vox, but Steelz managed to hit a codebreaker on Belle for the win!

Vox and Steelz are quite good, and Steelz has a very good presence. Vox was probably the best worker in the match. I’ve been very impressed with her week by week — they have something with her.


Eddie Kingston came out with James Storm and Eli Drake and talked about how he is going through some personal stuff, worried about Homicide. He asked the crowd not to disrespect him because he doesn’t disrespect them, and the crowd applauded as Kingston tried to collect himself. This was such a small thing to help get over how upset Kingston is.

Kingston said he wanted Storm and Drake because they’re fighters and the best tag team wrestlers in the world because of the titles they hold. He worked with them to get rid of The Bouncers, and he wants to focus on Pope.

Storm said he always wanted to make sure the fans get to enjoy the NWA shows, but while they can make people laugh, he can beat people up too. Storm said all three of them love entertaining and love wrestling, but don’t get them confused, they will laugh as they have fun, and they will laugh after stomping a mudhole.

Drake pointed right toward the Crockett Cup and said the next pay-per-view is for that cup, so that is in his focus. Drake said The Bouncers came in and got bounced back to Ring of Honor. Drake said they could bring whoever they want to the Crockett Cup, but he is a fighter.

Storm, Kingston, and himself are all very different people, but they love fighting. He said “Sorry about your damn luck,” with James Storm just looking at him weirdly and then saying, “Yeah!”

All three men were incredible performers here. What a great promo.


Strictly Business (Nick Aldis & Thom Latimer) defeated Villain Enterprises (Marty Scurll & Brody King)

Scurll started the match with Aldis, but Aldis immediately tagged out to Latimer. Scurll was about to lock up with Latimer, but ducked out and tagged King just like Aldis did.

King went for a chop on Latimer, but Latimer ducked and hit a shoulder block. Latimer hit a dropkick on King. King responded with a shoulder tackle and then chopped him hard.

King chopped the crap out of Latimer and sent him to the ropes, but Latimer reversed and Aldis hit a knee lift to the back of King. Latimer hit the ropes, but Scurll hit a knee of his own and then tagged in. Scurll hit a chop and then an uppercut, while the referee told him that he didn’t want anymore shenanigans.

Scurll hit the rope and clapped his hands and pointed to Aldis like Aldis kneed him in the back. The ref turned around and started arguing with Aldis, then Scurll hit a drop toe hold on Latimer and King hit a splash. Scurll hit his apron superkick on Latimer, but Aldis threw Scurll to the floor and Latimer drove Scurll into the ring post and started to punch him by the stairs into the crowd.

Aldis came in, and now he was squaring off with Scurll when he’s already been beaten down. Aldis raked the eyes and distracted the ref for some cheap double teams with Latimer. They then got the heat on Scurll for the next few minutes. Latimer went for a vertical suplex, but Scurll hit a huge vertical suplex on Latimer and tagged out to King.

King chopped the heck out of both opponents, then crushed them in the corner and hit a double clothesline/enzuigiri on Latimer. Scurll hit a sunset flip on King, which sent him into German suplexing Latimer. Aldis ended up back in, but King hit a piledriver on him. Latimer made the save.

Scurll pulled the ropes down and Latimer fell to the floor. Scurll then did his fake-out superkick on Aldis and went for the chicken wing, but Kamille came out and distracted the ref. Aldis went for an umbrella shot, but Scurll ducked and took it from him and hit the running in Royce Isaacs.

Scurll hit a dive onto Isaacs, but in the middle of the chaos, Latimer low blowed King and Aldis hit a flying elbow and pinned him.

Strictly Business won in a very good match. It’s too bad the Crockett Cup isn’t coming yet.

A message from Billy Corgan then aired, with him saying the roster of the NWA is too talented and the fans are too supportive for them to fold the NWA right now. He said that no matter how tough things are right now, they will be continuing and will be producing new content in a way they considered when this all started until the return of NWA Power in the future.

Next week, NWA Carnyland debuts. Corgan couldn’t tell us what it was about, because it was too hard to describe. I will be right here with the recap next week for you all.