Ken Anderson On What Would Happen If WWE Buys TNA, Talent Not Pay

Ken Anderson says while his time in TNA was “a blast,” there were almost constant struggles with company management. In a recent conversation with The Interactive Interview, Anderson said that every wrestler on the roster “busted their butts” and performed, and he feels TNA’s problems come solely from management.
“Any problems experienced by the company had nothing to do with the talent. There were times where things were going on behind the scenes where it was a miserable existence,” Anderson said. “Guys were late, maybe 3 months on getting paid. I remember at one time, I was owed for like 30 shows. But, the locker room — Everybody still showed up and put on their happy face. We were there to do a job.”
With TNA facing several lawsuits and the future of the company in question, it’s been reported that WWE has expressed interest in acquiring the company. Anderson says that if WWE does buy TNA, or if TNA “goes away” for any other reason, it will leave a void for fans who want something different. Anderson feels that any potential competitor against WWE should produce an edgier show to fill that void.

“I’ve said this for years and Daivari agrees with me. Everything’s PG now. If somebody comes and makes a program that is geared towards adults, I think wrestling takes off again,” Anderson said “I really do. The idea that men and women go out and fight each other and can’t curse — I’ve never been in a bar fight where there wasn’t 57 curse words slung. […] The most successful shows in the past decade have been extremely edge. Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad… Sometimes we insult people’s intelligence. We go for the lowest common denominator.”
You can listen to Anderson’s entire interview here.

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