Carmella Shoots On WWE: "I've Been Overlooked & Underestimated Since Day 1"

Carmella is attempting her own version of using social media to get issues off her chest.

In a very Becky Lynch-style move, Carmella posted a tweet on Monday morning in shoot-style fashion, touting the fact that she didn’t come to WWE as part of the Four Horsewomen, or as a star from another sport, and claiming she is being “overlooked and underestimated.”

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The former WWE SmackDown Live Women’s Champion and Money In The Bank winner posted the following list of reasons others have come to WWE and succeeded before noting that she isn’t getting the opportunities she feels she deserves.

    •not blonde
    •didn’t come from a legacy
    •was the LAST overall draft pick
    •not one of the 4 horsewomen
    •no famous parents
    •didn’t parachute from another sport

From there, Carmella wrote, “I’ve been overlooked and underestimated since day one. But I’m out here doing the damn thing! PERIODDDTTTT!”

Check out Carmella’s tweet below.

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