Ryback Recalls Telling Bray Wyatt He Is In Love With His Wife, Crazy Party Stories

In episode ten of his Conversation With The Big Guy podcast, former WWE Superstar Ryback spoke about a number of topics, including his thoughts on top WWE performer Bray Wyatt.

As “The Big Guy” explained during the show, titled “Happy Halloween,” he could always tell Wyatt was a step ahead of the curve, even before he took on the current Wyatt-persona we see today.

“Bray was awesome. He just kind of came in there, and, like, you could just tell this guy was going to be a star, just his promos and there was just something [about him]. Him and Bo both. You could see, you could tell they came from [a professional wrestling family, even when Wyatt performed as Duke Rotundo in FCW]. Yeah, even just cutting promos as [Duke Rotundo], they were lightyears of an outside guy that you brought in there. And once they figured it out and learned the ropes, they picked it up so quickly and they were both always very athletic. Bray’s a big guy and he can move like a cat out there.”

The former WWE Superstar also shared a story about not being allowed to attend a Halloween Party thrown by Wyatt and Dallas unless he wore a costume.

“I wasn’t allowed to come to the party, I was told, by Bo and [Bray] unless I wear a Halloween costume and I just wanted to get insanely drunk and have a good time.” Ryback continued, “so I go, ‘I don’t have a costume.’ They go, ‘well, f–king go get one.’ Guys were going as wrestlers. I think everyone went as wrestlers, pretty much, right? Like, I put no thought into this.”

“I had this shirt and I go, ‘I can be John Cena.’ I got the shirt. I went to Wal Mart in Saint Pete, down the road, wherever it was in Tampa [Florida]. I got the championship. He was the champ at the time, of course he was the f–king champ, got the f–king little gimmick f–king spinner thing, and they had an armband kit or something at Wal Mart, and got the f–king gimmicks, and a ball cap, a black ball cap, just a plain [cap] because that’s what they had there. They had nothing with [John Cena WWE branding], so I remember I showed up to a chorus of boos which should f–king tell you something, yeah, to massive boos, from your f–king colleagues. I didn’t know John at the time. Had I’d known John at the time, I would’ve f–king found another way or just not gone to the f–king goddamn party.”

Ryback recalled not being on his best behavior during the party, leading to him revealing that he felt it was possible that someone gave him some “magic mushrooms.” As he explained, he normally doesn’t act that bad from just alcohol alone.

“I am convinced, to this day, somebody gave me mushrooms. Yeah, because, or some sort of other drug because I can handle my liquor. I’ve been extremely drunk many times before. What happened the rest of that night is so outside of how I normally am. I can’t explain. It wasn’t just alcohol because I’ve been way drunker than that before. Mushrooms were involved at some point in this night.”

As he continued to tell details of that evening, he would recall revealing his love for Bray Wyatt’s wife to the leader of The Wyatt Family himself, a story that the two laugh about to this day.

“I somehow made my way to Bray’s bedroom at some point before this, in which nobody knew where I went. They had their door shut. I was walking through their house. I go into Bray’s bedroom and lie on his bed because I wanted to lie on his bed. Why not? And I remember I turned on the TV, and like, Bray, I shut the door and I’m watching their TV in their bedroom on their bed beyond drunk, and they walk in and I’m giggling, laughing to myself on the bed. And then, Bray just cracks up laughing. And I remember at some point, I confessed my love to his wife. I just go, ‘Bray, me and your wife are in love. We love each other and to this day, when we talk about it, we just laugh hysterically.”

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