Kurt Angle Talks About A Potential WWE HOF Induction

Kurt Angle continues to do the media rounds to promote TNA’s Maximum Impact UK tour next month. Here are some highlights of his recent interview with Digital Spy:

Returning To WWE One Day:

“We’ll see. Would it be a possibility? Yeah. I’m not ruling out anything. I know that next year I will take off and then we’ll see where it goes. I have spoken to TNA about possibly coming back someday. That’s still on the table. The way TNA has treated me the last 9 years, I can’t throw them away.”

An Eventual Hall of Fame Induction:

“I’ll believe the hype when I decide to talk to WWE. I haven’t. We were going to have some type of meeting last year. Unfortunately, it got cancelled. We really haven’t spoken. I don’t expect them to speak to me until my contract’s up and I haven’t really gone after them to talk to them.”

“Somewhere along the line it’ll happen, I just don’t know when. Would it be an honor to be in the WWE Hall of Fame? Yeah, it’s an incredible honour. Would it kill me if I wasn’t? No, it wouldn’t. The most important thing to me is being in the National Wrestling Hall of Fame, which is Olympic wrestling. That’s where my legacy truly is. It would be nice to be on the WWE Hall of Fame – it’ll happen, I just don’t know when.”

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