VIDEO: Being The Elite – 'Cowboy Day'

Video —

This week on Being The Elite —

The cold open —

A segment from Dynamite was replayed where Hangman Page agreed to team with Alex Reynolds and John Silver against Matt Hardy and Private Party on this week’s Dynamite. 
After the segment ended, Reynolds said he had an idea on how to make Hangman teaming with them even more special — Cowboy Day. 

Dark Order —

Reynolds and Silver brought Hangman to their lair for a meeting. The room was decked out like a saloon and all of the other Dark Order members were dressed in cowboy gear. Reynolds asked Hangman if he wanted to ride 10. 10 then appeared dressed as a horse. Things took a turn when Silver pointed finger guns at Hangman. 
Later, a finger gun fight broke out. Page was the last one standing. Once he left, the rest of the group realized that they had forgotten to ask him to join Dark Order. 

The Elite —

Footage was shown of The Young Bucks vs. TH2 from last week’s Dynamite. 

BTE Championship —

John Silver was set to defend his BTE title against Shawn Dean in a Skittles throwing competition. Brandon Cutler’s camera died and didn’t capture the first game, which Silver won. A second game was filmed with the caveat that if Dean won that round, a third and deciding round would commence. 
Silver retained the title. 

Miscellaneous bits —

Kip Sabian continued his quest to prove that he is a superior gamer to Leva Bates. He beat Bates in a game. Miro told him after that Bates had let him win. Sabian asked Penelope Ford if it was true. She said no, but Sabian doubted her.
Dasha interrupted Alex Abrahantes as he began his Speaking Spanglish segment. She staged an intervention with the Latin contingent over Abrahantes flirting with Dark Order on recent episodes. The intervention was interrupted when someone delivered empanadas.