Mick Foley Blogs About Declining An Offer To Play Santa Claus On "New Girl"

WWE Hall Famer Mick Foley revealed on Facebook this week that he recently had to turn down an offer to play Santa Claus on the hit FOX show New Girl.

“I got the inquiry from my agent (I wasn’t definitely ‘in’, but really think I would have gotten the role) and was absolutely thrilled…until I saw that the role called for me to be a rather sleazy St Nick, throwing some sexual innuendos at the lovely Ms Deschanel – and unfortunately, I just can’t do that as Santa.

Here’s the strange thing: I’d be more than happy to play a seedy, innuendo throwing version of myself. In fact, I had no problem whatsoever playing a small role in the upcoming feature #Dixieland, where I played myself in a bizarre dream sequence at a Mississippi strip club, where I ‘make it rain’ on actress Riley Keough, the stunningly beautiful grand-daughter of ELVIS PRESLEY. But I just can’t do it as Santa. Sure, it would have been great publicity for the release of I Am Santa Claus, and I could have probably talked Zooey into taking a photo with me for #FoleyIsElfWeek2 – part of my 365 day #FoleyIsSanta challenge (currently at day #308) But it just would have felt wrong.“

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