More Details On Bruno Sammartino’s WWE Negotiations

More details are coming out regarding Bruno Sammartino’s decision to finally make peace with WWE and agree to join their Hall of Fame. Aside from Sammartino’s talks with Triple H regarding the various changes that have taken place both behind the scenes (WWE’s Wellness policy, far less drug use than in previous eras) and on television (less profanity & sexual content), a big component of the deal was money. Sammartino reportedly gave Triple H a price that he was looking for and told several friends that he did not expect Vince McMahon to agree.

Sammartino said during the negotiations that if the deal didn’t come together this year, he would never consider joining the Hall of Fame again. He even told his sons that they should never sign off on him being inducted after he passes away, if they were not able to reach a deal this year. Despite the high asking price, said to be approximately what a WWE main eventer would get for WrestleMania, Vince McMahon gave the okay.

Sammartino’s deal with WWE is for more than just a Hall of Fame induction. He is now part of the extended WWE family and will be taking part in future DVD projects, icnluding the 50th anniversary History of WWE release scheduled for late this year. There will also likely be a Bruno Sammartino DVD release and he is expected to take part in a documentary and do commentary over some of his classic matches. It’s also possible he will appear on the WWE Legends Round Table show on 24/7 Classics on Demand and could even appear on a future episode of RAW.

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(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)