WWE Releases New CM Punk Merchandise, Jim Ross Addresses Lawler's Health

– Jim Ross addressed fan reaction regarding Jerry “The King” Lawler’s health on Twitter Monday. He wrote, “Amazing how some think @JerryLawler heart attack was a storyline. Embarrassingly stupid/naive. Jerry’s rapidly improving. Back soon.”

When asked if Lawler would be appearing on Raw, Ross said, “No…it will be a few wks but he’s doing great.”

– Promoting tonight’s Raw, Sheamus tweeted Monday, “The #BrogueClub is tippy-toeing into Sacramento Ca for #WWERaw tonight. But has me bloody nose healed?”

– Taking a page out of the John Cena playbook, WWE has released a slate of similarly-styled CM Punk merchandise. Coming in yellow, this includes an “Authentic” T-Shirt reading “GTS” on the front and “BEST IN THE WORLD” on the back, as well as a baseball cap, pendant and wristbands.

The description of all the products reads: “It’s not surprising that CM Punk cites the radical “Rowdy” Roddy Piper as a childhood influence. After all, Punk is the embodiment of the anti-establishment, the modern-day “Voice of the Voiceless,” whose skill at igniting verbal “pipe bombs” is rivaled only by Hot Rod himself. Punk even looks the part of rebel with his too-numerous-to-count tattoos and body piercings. Yet, he waxes way more philosophical than his exterior might suggest, and has shown a diverse set of interests that include ghost hunting, G. I. Joe and the “Straight Edge” movement.”

To view the products, click here.

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