Ziggler Talks Legends Getting Airtime, Vickie, Swagger, Ryder & More

Dolph Ziggler was recently interviewed by ChadDukesWrestling.com to hype tonight’s 1000th episode of Monday Night RAW. Here are some highlights of what Ziggler said about:

RAW going to three hours: “So many of us are fighting for precious minutes on Raw and Smackdown. And two hours sounds like a lot, and soon to be this coming Monday, the 1000th Raw, three hours, but it’s like we are fighting to get out there and show how great we are. And not always do we get the chance, there are several awesome Superstars chomping at the bit every single Monday who get left off the show.”

Zack Ryder’s dedication: “I used to think, ‘Cena is never home.’ Maybe one day a month to pay his bills. But Ryder is constantly filming that show, buying equipment for it, finding another outlet, or way ya know, way to get himself noticed. And it doesn’t always pay off on Monday Night Raw but it sure has paid off with a following.”

Legends Getting Air Time Instead of Young Talent: “You can get angry about it, you can use it to motivate you, but here’s the fact: if they didn’t draw ratings, or money, or people, or merchandise, we wouldn’t bring them back. Obviously, somebody or everybody wants to see these guys and I understand that. These guys are the guys who over the last 10-15 years have been carrying the show, they’ve been the superstars, they’ve gone on to bigger and better things, and they’re an attraction. They’re a draw. You’d be dumb to say you didn’t want to see what they’re gonna do. They’re taking my spot theoretically and I wanna see what they’re gonna do. All I can do is go out there and do my best and work harder than everyone else, stay outspoken, not change, and do everything, so those other 320 days a year when I’m out there I let everybody know that this is gonna be the next guy.”

Teaming with Jack Swagger: “Me and Swagger, were believe it or not, no one cared if we didn’t have any promo time, and we were a hell of a tag team. Great legitimate, college, Division-1, but kicking athletes. I loved going out there with him and he’s such a big, especially standing next to me, he’s huge. He looks 7-feet tall next to me, which is awesome. He’s so strong and good at what he does and I thought we complimented each other great. Of course, not as much attention was paid to us, it was kinda like, ‘okay, here’s Vickie talking we’ll boo her,’ cause she’s great at what she does. And then we’ll go out for a couple minutes and ya know nothing too important. It was important matches to us, but not really to the audience.”

Working with Vickie Guerrero: “I love having Vickie in my corner. Since day one I thought that this was a great, we compliment each other, we talk to each other, even during matches. I love having her out there with me. She’s gotten me so far I think, I’ve kept her relevant at certain times, she’s kept me relevant at certain times, we compliment each other. And I think one day down the line we will have a split up and maybe we’ll go our separate ways, but right now I love what I’m doing.”

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