Did WWE Copy An Indy Worker's Promo For Raw?, New FCW Champion Crowned

— Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer very much believes the WWE creative team patterned Vickie Guerrero’s promo this past Monday on Raw after a promo indy worker Trina Michaels cut at a recent AWS show that ended up on YouTube.

Meltzer wrote the following in his recap for Monday’s episode of Raw: “The wording of this promo appeared to be taken from a 4/26 promo done by former porn star Trina Michaels on an AWS show in Los Angeles. The wording was slightly different because it was a different story, but so many of the phrases were identical and that it was so recent, on youtube, and the fact Michaels is friends with people in creative makes it extremely possible that’s where a lot of the promo was inspired from.”

Starting at the 1:45 mark, you can see video of the promo in question at the following link, not to mention Vickie’s promo on Hulu.com to see how similar they both are.

Trina herself commented on the situation on her MySpace account (myspace.com/katrina113), writing: “If they (WWE) did get the idea from my promo I take that as an honor. I always thought Vickie was awesome in her role. Now time for someone to fill that spot. Hmmmmm.”

— Tyler Reks captured the FCW Florida Heavyweight Championship at last night’s Florida Championship Wrestling television taping, defeating Drew McIntyre. Following the match, former FCW Champion Joe Hennig, who had been out with an injury, came out to congratulate Reks on his victory.

Last night’s show saw another return in Johnny Curtis, who had been out for a few weeks as a result of a concussion. He won in his return match.

In other news coming out of the show, Abraham Washington was announced as the new General Manager of Florida Championship Wrestling. Fletcher Chase had been competing with Washington for the role, but “sold out” to join his camp. Washington named him assistant General Manager.

If you don’t know who Tyler Reks is, you can learn more about him through his MySpace page (www.myspace.com/gabetuft).

— You can catch WWE Diva Maria on two episodes of the 2004 reality show Outback Jack tonight at 9:00 and 10:00 p.m. on the Fox Reality channel. You can also catch subsequent episodes on Friday nights at those times.

— Today is Mark Henry’s birthday, who turns 38 years old.

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