Honky Tonk Man Comments On Cyber Sunday, Actual Number Of Raw Shows, More

— Honky Tonk Man appeared on the Live Audio Wrestling radio show last night, which you can listen to at the following link. He said despite harsh words made towards WWE in recent years, “controversy creates cash.” He said voting for Cyber Sunday was legitimate and he didn’t know what was in store for him until his arrival to the building. Honky Tonk Man said Ricky Steamboat was the agent for his match with Santino Marella and was informed that only 200 votes separated him from Roddy Piper in the fan voting. Honky Tonk Man said he wasn’t aware if he was going to wrestle, but he brought his wrestling attire just in case. WWE officials asked him earlier if he was still able to do the Shake, Rattle and Roll despite his injured finger. Concerning the WWE Hall of Fame, he said, “If it happens, it happens.” Despite reports, Honky Tonk Man said he is not under a WWE Legends contract.

— According to ShareTV.org (which features match listings of every single episode of Raw), today’s episode of Raw is actually the 809th edition of the program. The 800th edition of Raw actually aired on September 1, 2008. Although, WWE is not advertising tonight’s show as the 800th episode of Raw, but rather, a celebration of 800 episodes.

— Soon to debut SmackDown wrestler Kizarny has an official website, although it hasn’t been updated in nearly two years. You can reach his site at www.TheOriginalSinn.com.

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