More On WWE Suspension, WWE Hall of Famer On Raw Tonight?, Cousin Sal Angle

sources: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Wrestling Observer

— The Associated Press has picked up the story on the WWE suspension of Jimmy Wang Yang. The headline reads “WWE suspends wrestler for 30 days for drugs.” You can read the article at this link. As per usual, WWE Spokesperson Gary Davis declined to comment on what drugs Yang was suspended for.

— There was a bit of second guessing internally about the Cousin Sal angle. Basically, Cousin Sal is barely even a “celebrity” and using him makes WWE look minor league. The deal was put together by Kristen Prouty, WWE’s VP of Entertainment of Affairs, who is responsible for celebrity involvement with the company. Also, she used to work with Jimmy Kimmel’s show, so putting the thing together wasn’t too hard.

— WWE Hall of Famer Mae Young may be appearing on tonight’s Raw in Oakland. Young is in California visiting family this week and WWE asked her to come to tonight’s show. It is unknown if she will be appearing on the show, but Young was asked to attend.

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