WWE Raw Star Enters Rehab, OVW Wrestler's Woes, Warrior Winning WWE Poll

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— If you’re wondering where Ron Simmons has been in recent weeks, well, he recently took up WWE’s rehab offer. Simmons is currently staying at a rehab center in Atlanta. Simmons was last seen on television at the 12/29 Raw taping in Greensboro in a “Happy New Year’s” vignette with Jillian Hall.

— April Hunter posted a blog on her MySpace regarding the closure of Ohio Valley Wrestling. She and husband/indy wrestler JD Michaels moved down to Louisville, KY this past fall for the sole purpose of him landing a WWE developmental contract through OVW. Michaels started in OVW after Christmas and was starting to make appearances on their television show. With the closure of OVW this past week, that leaves the couple in a troubling situation, especially considering that they signed a 14-month lease on their Louisville residence. As if that isn’t enough, unlike OVW, Florida Championship Wrestling rarely allows non-contracted talent to appear on their shows, and with the arrival of all of the WWE-contracted OVW talents, it’s pretty much impossible now. Anyway, here is what Hunter wrote regarding the situation: “I’m reeling right now…we signed a 14 month lease and moved specifically FOR the WWE ties with OVW…it cost us a fortune to move just three short months ago…JD was doing very well there, which he just started after Christmas. But there’s nothing here in L’ville except OVW. No paying work, hardly any paying wrestling. Half the deals we do get in life here are directly related to OVW, including my spine therapy. And let’s be honest…without the WWE connection, Ovw is more or less just another school. And most of us have already been through school already. In summation, this means we spent lots of $$, moved here for a situation that, – three months later – is closed and relocated to Tampa, Florida. There was another girl who just moved across the world over the weekend from Australia, paid up and started classes at OVW Monday. But at least she stays with a friend and doesn’t have to worry about breaking leases. If I’d known it was going to be like this, I’d have moved to Tampa (and would probably be a manager on TNA by now.) So, I don’ t know what’s going on right now. I don’t really know what to do. I guess we’ll figure it out.”

— Ultimate Warrior is currently winning the best face paint poll on WWE’s official site, beating out The Road Warriors by a 32% to 30% margin.

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