Off-road bike skills with flexibility and strength training weekends

Want to improve your biking skills, in particular your off-road skills and your strength and core? Pure Body Balance have teamed up with top downhill racer to create day and weekend retreats focused on corrective gym exercise, yoga, nutrition and skills coaching, with these day retreats being a huge success we have expanded them into full weekend retreats which are the first of there kind in the UK.


The weekends retreats will be based in the Forest of Dean staying in the luxury accommodation at Broadrock, riding on some of the forests natural single track trails. The weekends will be lead by Adrian Stokes and Karen Maidment of Pure Body Balance and aimed at at those looking to improve there fitness, strength, health on and off the bike with a big focus around skills work when out on the trails. 

Adrain Stokes will be there to work through key movement patterns and giving you an insight to insider secrets for ultimate strength, balance and coordination on the bike. Karen Maidment will guide you through the perfect post ride mountain bike specific yoga sessions as well sharing her knowledge about the key nutrition secrets needed for lasting out on those all day rides. Jake Ireland, owner and technician at Sprung Suspension will be on hand to get that perfect bike set-up specifically for you, making your ride even smoother when ripping up the trails. Katy Curd, top professional mountain bike racer, will be there to help guide you through the skills on the bike, helping you build up your confidence and skills to maintain natural flow on any trails you ride.  

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