NWA Power results: Trevor Murdoch's World title quest begins

NWA Power opened with Trevor Murdoch talking to Kyle Davis. He cut one heck of a promo about how he wanted another shot at National Champion Chris Adonis. Murdoch welcomed Adonis into the company and gave him a shot. The thanks he got was Adonis trying to end his career. Murdoch said he would agree to any stipulation in order to get a shot.

NWA World Champion Nick Aldis made his way out instead and said he was the one that really welcomed Murdoch and Adonis and everyone else into the NWA. He was also angry that Murdoch implied it was Aldis’ fault that he was no longer the National Champion. Aldis said Murdoch only had to look into the mirror to see why he wasn’t champion and was too dumb to realize he was being played.

Aldis said Adonis did him a favor because Murdoch isn’t the kind of person that the NWA really wants as champion anyway. He told him to take the night off. Aldis said he was going to take the main event in an exhibition for a young talent and Murdoch could learn from watching it. He said Murdoch would learn that he isn’t championship material, but, if Murdoch stays away from the main event, he might give him an opportunity.

Murdoch said if he was promised a chance at the NWA title, he might not show up. Aldis said that if he doesn’t get involved tonight, they’ll talk. This was absolutely fantastic: a great promo from Aldis and a wonderful babyface performance from Murdoch. I never thought I would want to see these two in a title match, but here we are.

— Sliced Boogie was with May Valentine and he cut a promo on Jax Dane, saying he wanted him one-on-one, having defeated Crimson and Dane (who spent most of the match on the floor). He then continued to flirt with Valentine.

Sal Rinauro defeated Tag Team Champions Aron Stevens & Kratos in a non-title handicap match

This was more a storytelling segment rather than a match in the strictest sense. Tim Storm ended up being the tag partner completely by accident for Rinauro, but I liked how they got there. It looks like we’ll be seeing Storm and Rinaruo challenge for the Tag Team titles soon.

Stevens and Kratos looked confused as Rinauro’s partner hadn’t shown up yet despite Rinauro saying that it was a NWA world champion and he was on his way.

Stevens started the match, keeping Rinauro grounded in the early on. Rinauro wasn’t one to be outwrestled but was soon facing off with Kratos who looked like he wanted to murder him. Kratos beat on Rinauro for a few minutes and then Danny Deals made his way down to ringside, apparently as Rinauro’s partner.

Kratos beat on Deals which made Tim Storm more and more upset on commentary. Kratos beat on Rinauro in the corner and the referee was trying to pull him off. Storm had seen enough and climbed onto the apron to get Stevens to pull him off. Stevens pulled Kratos off and they started arguing, playing back to the last few weeks.

Kratos tried to hit Stevens, but Stevens ducked and Storm blocked the punch, threw one of his own, and Rinauro rolled Kratos up for the pinfall. It looks like Rinauro’s partner is going to be Storm.

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— Austin Idol, Tyrus, and TV Champion The Pope were at the podium, Tyrus actually did a lot of talking here and cut a decent promo. He knew Pope for a long time, but Pope was never a guy who was the man. He always had people in front of him and never became the man until Tyrus stepped away from the business. Pope became the TV champion and suddenly, he was the man now.

Tyrus said that Idol was the man that invented that title which is kind of true as the NWA Georgia TV title became the NWA National TV title when Idol won it. However, it’s not the NWA TV title later seen in WCW that became their TV title.

Pope said Tyrus needed to earn his shot and he didn’t seem happy about that. Nevertheless, he reported to the ring for his #1 contender match.

Tyrus defeated Matt Cross & Marshe Rockett in a three-way to become the #1 Contender to the NWA Television Championship

I don’t really have any other way to put this: this match sucked. I try to be positive, but Tyrus was plain awful in this match.

As it started, Joe Galli started to do some Steiner math to calculate the chances of Cross and Rockett which made me laugh. Tyrus did some horrifically terrible offense in as he overpowered Cross and Rockett.

Cross tried really hard to move the glacially slow Tyrus and sold like crazy for him. Tyrus oozed to the floor in slow motion like cold molasses after taking a dropkick from Rockett. That left two guys in the ring that can actually move. Rockett caught Cross in a crossbody which was great.

Cross hit the shooting star press on Rockett, but Tyrus slowly flew in (if you can call it that) with an elbow, shoved Cross off, and pinned Rockett to earn a title shot. This sucked.

— Chris Adonis & Thom Latimer were with May Valentine and said they were targeting the Tag Team titles next and that Murdoch would be nuts to keep trying to come after them.

Kamille defeated Jennacide

This was a decent match and way more competitive than I thought it would be. Jennacide got a lot of offense in and it was clear they wanted her to appear as a legitimate threat which the match accomplished.

There was a test of strength early on that ended relatively even. Jennacide slammed Kamille and then Kamille slammed her. They both exchanged moves for a bit, but Kamille ate a mafia kick in the corner. But as Jennacide hit the ropes, Kamille hit a spinning heel kick.

Jennacide was able to keep pace with Kamille for most of the match, including kicking out of a spear, but a second one finished it for Kamille. Jennacide looked good in defeat and did a decent job raising her own stock. It wasn’t a great match by any stretch, but I think they have something with her and hopefully will find a place for her.

Melina ran down to confront Kamille after the match and got speared, Thunder Rosa came down to ringside and argued with Melina.

NWA World Champion Nick Aldis vs. Jordan Clearwater non-title exhibition was declared a no contest

As the match started, Murdoch, Latimer and Adonis spilled out to ringside brawling all over the place. The numbers were clearly not on Murdoch’s side and Adonis and Latimer threw him into the ring as the referee threw the match out before it started.

Adonis hit a huge full nelson slam on Murdoch and Aldis stood over him, looking disgusted. He high fived Adonis and Latimer as the show went off the air.

Final Thoughts:

This was a decent episode of NWA Power outside of the horrific performance of Tyrus. He did not look good in any respect outside of his promo which is probably the best role for him rather than actually being in the ring. I think the 71-year-old Austin Idol would work a better match.

Murdoch played the perfect babyface and Aldis was the perfect heel on this show. This was easily the highlight and if you watch anything from it, make sure it’s the opening promo and closing angle. Jennacide seems to be someone they see something in, so we shall see what they do going forward.

I’m not sure where the Thunder Rosa and Kamille feud is going. Kamille needs to get her title shot against Serena Deeb soon, but we haven’t seen Deeb on Power yet. She is still injured, but they could have her cut a promo.

Regardless, I never imagined I would be into a feud with Aldis and Murdoch years ago, but here we are. They both performed very well and I’m intrigued to see what is next.