AEW Dynamite Results (3/4): Moxley’s Reign Begins, Inner Circle Gets Revenge

MARCH 4, 2020


WOW what a raucous crowd to start the show, and we start it with the NEWWWW AEW WORLD CHAMPION….JOONNNNN MOOOOXXXLEEEYYYY!

Moxley comes through the crowd, belt on his shoulder and makes his way to the ring. Chants of MOXLEY ring through the arena as he grabs a microphone. The crowd doesn’t let him talk and they chant “YOU DESERVE IT” at him. Moxley says that the belt is beautiful because of what it represents….PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING. The sport that he loves and has dedicated his life to. The belt never belonged to Chris Jericho…but it doesn’t belong to him either. It belongs to the people. It belongs to every AEW fan that helped will this company into existence.

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Every fan that said that they want something different, something better……WE BROUGHT PRO WRESTLING BACK!!! So Moxley will defend the belt with his life and crawl through any hell to defend the belt. There isn’t a man in AEW that has what it takes to pry the belt out of his cold, dead hands.

But he isn’t hiding. Anyone that wants to step up will get knocked out, choked out, he doesn’t care. It’s all the same to him. But he’s no dummy. It’s not over between him and the Inner Circle. They’ve been trying to take him out so he has a message for them….”I Dare You.”

The music of Chris Jericho hits, and the former champion makes their way to the ramp, right alongside Santana, Ortiz, Jake Hager, and Sammy Guevara. Judas rings through the arena and the crowd sings along as Jericho smirks at Moxley. Jericho says that he doesn’t need a damn belt to be “Le Champion”. Jericho says that Moxley has always been reckless, but it’s paid off. The Moxley Era begins tonight. But Jericho says he thinks it sucks ass.  And that is because Moxley’s win was based on a lie. He spent 3 months training to wrestle against a man with 1 eye. The fact that he can see out of both is not worthy of being a champion.

But since he won the championship unfairly, He has turned the Inner Circle from a bunch of good natured, good looking guys, into a hit squad. So he has put the entire AEW roster on notice. He doesn’t care if you’re the Librarian, Michael Nakazawa, or the new AEW Champion Jon Moxley. They are going to tear everyone apart, starting with Jon Moxley tonight. He promises that Moxley will not leave Denver on his own two feet. And he is so sure that that will happen, he will take a leave of absence 60 days. But don’t forget….he always has a plan, and Moxley isn’t as smart as he thinks he is.

Moxley says that he isn’t a genius, but he is so sick of hearing Jericho talk. Tonight he is going to do what he did on Saturday, and this time, he is going to send his ass packing for 60 days and make him look like a stupid sonfoabitch!

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