WWE Raw Results (7/8): Drew/Shane vs. Roman & A Mystery Partner, Rey Mysterio Returns, Becky & Seth In Tag Team Action!

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JULY 8TH, 2019
Coverage by Doug Enriquez For ProWrestling.com


Becky starts the match with Zelina Vega and she gets a waist lock takedown on Vega. Vega tries to get up, but Becky brings her right back down. Vega fights back up and she tries to slap her, but Becky blocks and slaps Vega right back. Vega surprises Becky with a kick and then follows it up with a DDT. She goes for the cover, but Becky kicks out.

Becky gets up and Irish whips Zeilna into the corner and then runs after her, but Zelina moves out of the way and Becky goes crashing. Zelina jumps off the bottom rope and kicks Becky in the face. She tags in Andrade, which forces Seth to come in.

The two go tit for tat and start going outer for counter. Pretty impressive and it ends in a standoff. Andrade looks to  collect himself, but then comes in to hit Seth with a punch, then a chop to Seth. He bounces off the ropes, but Seth follows and bounces off himself. He nails Andrade with a sling blade. Almas rolls to the outside and Rollins bounces off the ropes and hits Andrade with a suicide dive to the outside!

In the ring, Becky and Zelina are fighting it out and Becky brings Zelina down by the arm and locks in the Dis-Arm-Her and Zelina taps out. Now Zelina is eliminated, but apparently so is Becky? I’m confused.

The match restarts after a commercial break as just Seth Rollins vs. Andrade “Cien” Almas. Andrade has the early advantage and locks in a headlock on Andrade. Becky is still in the corner, even though she cannot tag in. Andrade gets to the top rope, but Seth blocks him and Andrade crashes down. Seth tries to climb up, but Andrade sweeps the legs and Seth gets caught and Andrade hits a stomp right to the solar plexus of the Universal Champion! Andrade goes for the cover, but Rollins kicks out at two.

Andrade picks up Rollins and looks to hit the three amigos, but Rollins counters after the second suplex and counters with a Falcon Arrow and goes for the cover, but Andrade kicks out at two! Seth goes up top and Zelina pushes Seth off and Seth goes crashing to the mat. Becky runs off the apron and hits Zelina with a STIFF punch to the side of the head. She pummels Zelina and Seth comes to pull her off. Becky notices Andrade charging but Seth doesn’t. Becky pushes Seth out of the way and Andrade crashes into Becky.

Seth goes INSANE on Andrade and starts pounding away on him. He gets put in the ring and Zelina tries to interfere and looks to hit a head scissors off the apron but Seth catches her mid way and Becky comes in and dropkicks Vega. Andrade tries for a suicide dive, but he’s caught by a kick by Rollins. Andrade is staggered and Seth comes in and nails him with a Curb Stomp to end the match.

Winners: Seth Rollins & Becky Lynch

After the match, Seth and Becky are attacked at the top of the ramp by Corbin and Evans. They leave them laying as they smile and walk to the back. Suddenly we see Paul Heyman walk out? Hmm……..

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