Jim Cornette Says Bruce Prichard Is Vince McMahon’s “IT Man”, Not His “Yes Man”

Jim Cornette recently talked about Bruce Prichard’s return to WWE. The legendary manager addressed the situation on The Jim Cornette Experience, including whether or not Prichard is a “yes” man for Vince McMahon.

“He (Vince) would send some things out by mental telepathy and if you didn’t pick them up, it was your fault…’it’ is what Vince wants, ‘it’ is Vince’s vision, ‘it’ is Vince’s style, ‘it’ is Vince’s thought process, ‘it’ is what Vince wants. He knows Bruce gets it, because Bruce spent years learning what ‘it’ was.”

Longtime WWE fans know that Cornette and Prichard both worked behind the scenes at the same time, so if anyone has a feel for what’s going on, it may indeed be Cornette. Whether or not Jim’s feelings are true is unknown, but it does perhaps shed some light on why WWE rehired the former Brother Love.

Indeed, WWE has relied heavily on a large creative team of writers that don’t come from a pro wrestling background. So it could be that Bruce will be an odd fit now. But it’s also possible that Prichard will bring a pro wrestling sensibility back to the product that Vince can perhaps not get from anyone else on his creative team.


Jim Cornette explains that Bruce Prichard is the "IT man", not the "yes man". pic.twitter.com/xM25AyHFUD

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— Meltzer Said What? (@MeltzerSaidWhat) February 28, 2019