Triple H and Shawn Michaels On the Possibility of John Cena Having an NXT Match and a WWE – NXT Crossover PPV

As we noted several weeks ago, John Cena got the internet buzzing when he said he would be open to having a match in NXT, and named top NXT star Velveteen Dream as someone who has the potential to be “the one” in WWE.

During a recent interview with GiveMeSport, Triple H and Shawn Michaels were asked about the possibility of John Cena having a match in NXT, and the possibility of an NXT and WWE crossover PPV. Triple H offered the following response:

“I think that there’s opportunity for anything. Vince taught both of us a long time ago never say never in this, if the opportunity is right. As we talked about yesterday, there’s different styles, there’s different feels to different brands and all of that, and they all have their different places.

“But crisscrossing all of that and having them be a part of each other at the same time – look, we’ve seen guys come down and work in NXT before, or move over and work with Vince. That’s not beyond the realm of possibility if someone wants to do it.”

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“Look, if John Cena comes to me and goes ‘I have to do this at the next TakeOver with this person,’ I’m like ‘Alright, if I have to put you on there, I will.”

HBK added his two cents by claiming, “John’s the kind of guy, you could have John do it for free.”

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