Live Crowd Aims Chant at Sleeping 205 Live Fan (Video), Brandi Rhodes Unhappy w/ Bullet Club Status, HHH On Nicholas

A fan at last night’s WWE Smackdown tapings apparently fell asleep during 205 Live, and below is a video of both the fan and other members of the live crowd directing a “he’s alive” chant at the sleeping fan:

HE’S NOT DEAD! #205Live pic.twitter.com/CpXuh1h2OG

— Catch Au Quotidien (@OfficielCAQ) April 11, 2018

Brandi Rhodes Not Happy w/ Bullet Club Status

After Cody Rhodes noted on Twitter that Bullet Club has a new shirt available promoting the club recruiting both men and women, Cody’s wife Brandi Rhodes said she wants to be allowed into the club:

BRAND NEW threads at the store https://t.co/i97frjV0fw

Including the new “Bullet Club recruiting men and women” shirt going live later tonight! pic.twitter.com/KXHIxD0j93

— Cody Rhodes (@CodyRhodes) April 10, 2018

Hi. I’m YOUR WIFE. I’ve been really helpful. I took a V-Trigger for you. My back STILL hurts: LET ME IN THE MUFUGGIN’ CLUB! Please 🙏🏾 https://t.co/gid6uilSeh

— Brandi Rhodes (@TheBrandiRhodes) April 11, 2018

HHH On Nicholas

Triple H Tweeted the following comment on Nicholas, the young boy who won the Raw Tag Titles along with Braun Strowman at WrestleMania 34:

That would be nepotism…

something I’m adamantlt against in the Wrestling business. You are definitely being considered! I’m rooting for you love. ❤ https://t.co/x5N2CadWAb

— Cody Rhodes (@CodyRhodes) April 11, 2018

This some bullshit right here.

— Brandi Rhodes (@TheBrandiRhodes) April 11, 2018

Unfortunately due to some scheduling conflicts (recess, cafeteria, math class) Nicholas won’t be able to defend the #Raw tag team titles …

But what a WrestleMania moment!!!! pic.twitter.com/9Ln5OzEKiz

— Triple H (@TripleH) April 11, 2018

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