Sasha Banks & Bayley Talk About Life on the Road, Terrible Hotel Experiences & More w/ “Stone Cold” Steve Austin

WWE Superstars Sasha Banks and Bayley recently sat down with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin for the latest edition of his podcast, The Steve Austin Show. You can check out the full interview on PodcastOne.com.

Who are they driving with these days?:

Sasha: “It’s usually just me and Bayley. We’ve been having Kalisto and Apollo [Crews] jump in here and again. Usually we just land, get breakfast, find a coffee shop and go to the gym. That’s it. That’s our routine like every single week, every single day.”

Terrible hotel experiences:

Bayley: “We always get crap from Seth [Rollins] because we book on Priceline. We want cheap hotels. Three stars is fine. If you think about it you’re only there for a few hours.”

Sasha: “I like cheap. If it’s somehow two-and-a-half stars, that’s okay too. [Laughs] I’m not going to pay $100 a night, that’s not me.”

Sasha: “We shared a two star [hotel[, and it was ghetto as hell.”

Bayley: “Our blanket was literally a paper towel, and our bed was so tiny. And there was this chick sitting outside our bedroom door. There was no elevator; there were stairs but they were sinking in the middle.”

Sasha: “It looked like a jail cell actually. They said it was a king bed, and it was like a twin size bed that we shared. I slept with all my clothes on because I was scared.”

The work-out process and hiring personal trainers to get in great shape:

Sasha: “I wanted abs, [laughs]which I have. I told [my trainer]I wanted to look good and feel good. When I was in NXT I didn’t really do a good job lifting, nor did I really understand what lifting weights was. I just did cardio most of the time.” … “When I first got signed I was 113 pounds, and now I’m 126 and I think that’s all muscle.

How Sasha first got into All Japan Pro Wrestling and her love for Joshi Puroresu:

Sasha: “When I was 15 I went to online school, and instead of doing my work I would go on the internet and find all these matches. I didn’t know what independent matches were, nor did I know what women’s Japanese wrestling was. I fell in love. It just led into other promotions and I fell in love. It was way different than WWE – or WWF at the time – and I loved the style.”

Sasha: “I felt like WWE was all entertainment. I didn’t even pay attention to the matches until I was like 13 and actually understanding what wrestling was. My favorite was Eddie Guerrero and I loved him for his wrestling, and not for the character stuff. Japanese wrestling was all hard-hitting, non-stop and it’s entertaining; the technical aspect of it all. I’ve always loved wrestling more than the entertainment part. Growing up I loved Eddie more than Brock Lesnar. I loved Eddie more than the Rock; I loved his wrestling more than seeing the Rock cut a promo, which is crazy.”

How Bayley first got into wrestling as a young kid:

Bayley: “My brother and my dad watched it all the time. I would walk back and forth and not even pay attention to it. And then I saw [Randy Savage] and I don’t know if like his sequins or whatever, it just stuck out to me and I sat down from then on and continued watching it.”

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The Steve Austin Show

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