Finn Balor Addresses Popular NXT TakeOver Dallas Rumor, Preview Tonight’s Goldberg ‘WWE 24’ (Video)

Photo Credit: YouTube.com

In a recent interview with Ringside Collectibles, the Demon King, Finn Balor, addressed a long standing rumor regarding his ring gear at NXT TakeOver: Dallas.

Some fans had speculated that Balor had an accident during his match with Samoa Joe, but he has now squashed that rumor. Below is a highlight of the interview, with a h/t to NoDQ.com for the transcription.

Balor Addresses NXT TakeOver Rumor:

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“I want to tell everyone, there was a rumor that went around that I pooped my pants in that match, but it was actually the sweat on the baby blue trunks… So when Joe picked me up for the Muscle Buster and faced the hard cam, my butt was facing directly at the hard cam and everyone goes, ‘Oh my God, Finn’s pooped his pants!’ But it was just sweat, and maybe a little bit of Joe’s blood because I busted him open that day, too.”

WWE 24: Goldberg Preview

The latest WWE:24 is set to air tonight following WWE Raw and is titled ‘WWE 24: Goldberg.’ The video will follow his journey back to the company and his run as WWE Universal Champion.

Below is a preview clip that WWE has released on its YouTube page.