Vince insisted that Becky Lynch win the Royal Rumble match

Dave Meltzer discussed Becky Lynch on the Wrestling Observer Radio and said that Vince McMahon himself now sees Becky Lynch as “the chosen one” in WWE based on the booking.
Becky Lynch being the chosen one: “How does anyone watch TV and think that Charlotte is the chosen one when it is so obvious that Becky Lynch is the chosen one? [Vince McMahon] completely did [change his mind]. He changes his mind every week! If you watch the TV it’s so clear […] you know the whole thing on I mean the whole thing is if they would have had Charlotte win the Royal Rumble — if –okay? It wouldn’t make sense. It just wouldn’t make sense as far as the storyline goes.”
Vince booking Becky Lynch to win The Women’s Royal Rumble match: “Vince was insistent, absolutely insistent that Becky Lynch had to win the Royal Rumble even, though in that sense, they had to do a storyline that then negated it, even though she’s gonna get back in later. But the whole thing was that he was so insistent that the story make no sense because he was so insistent that she had to win. You know what? He was probably right in the sense that it was probably the right thing to do.”
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