Britt Baker on Her First Match Since Concussion

Britt Baker spoke at the post-AEW All Out media scrum and addressed having her first match since her concussion, not moving on to the Women’s Title match and more. You can check out the video (per Fightful) and some highlights below:
On whether the match met her expectations: “There’s so many moments, but I was focusing on my own moments and trying to win. And I was about to until the very end when, you know, a little funny business happened. So just gotta move forward on that one.”
On how she felt about the surprise appearances in the match: “Yeah, I mean like girls like Mercedes Martinez. She’s absolutely fantastic, she’s one of the best out there. Tenille [Dashwood], amazing. Like I said, all the girls out there. Really, anyone could have won this. It’s unfortunate how it panned out and who did win, but like I said, we’ve got to move forward.”
On Wardlow’s vignette and what to expect from him in AEW: “Fantastic. So he comes from [the] Pittsburgh area. He’s out of Cleveland, but we both trained and wrestled for a promotion called IWC in Pittsburch. Some of you might have heard of the Super Indy Tournament, tons of legends have come through there. But Wardlow’s definitely someone to keep your eye on, because he’s gonna do big things here.”
On not being in the Women’s Title match on October 2nd: “It sucks, because I feel like I had a lot to prove. I feel like I’ve been the face of this division, and I’ve wanted to be the first champion of this division. I was the first girl signed, so the fact that someone else is in the position I felt was mine to be had, it’s tough. It’s tough to swallow. But at the end of the day, that’s the rules, that’s how it goes. So it is what it is.”
On she felt being in the ring for the first time since her concussion: “I felt great. And of course, you have the jitters ’cause it’s the first time I’m competing since the concussion. But aside from the finish, I felt great.”
On interacting with ODB in the ring: “It’s so exciting, because you’re fans of a lot of these girls. Especially me, only four years into wrestling. So these are the girls that when I got into wrestling that I’m YouTubing. So to be in the ring with them, and even eliminating some of them is huge.”Click Here:

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