Protest in Pictures: Resistance Swells Around the World as Trump Sworn In

On an Inauguration Day that feels dark to many, people around the world are gathering in solidarity and protest to vocally oppose the far-right agenda of the new U.S. president.

In the U.K., an advocacy group called Bridges Not Walls organized a series of “banner drops” to vocalize sustained opposition to the right-wing tenets of President Donald Trump’s campaign, as well as the far-right populism currently rising in Europe.

In cities around the U.S., protesters expressed unity and strength and called on each other to resist Trump’s agenda during the coming four years.

Elsewhere, people expressed horror, determination, and opposition to xenophobia, sexism, and corruption.

What follows is a collection of photos and Tweets that show global support for a more humanitarian vision of the world, in opposition to the far-right views espoused by Trump:

The international display of solidarity will only continue, as Saturday’s planned “Women’s March on Washington” against Trump’s agenda has gone global.

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