11 Ireland v England battles that will be settled once and for all this Sunday

IRELAND V ENGLAND: in boxing terms you might say that these two just plain don’t like each other*. These two nations have been at one another’s throats since before they even knew what countries were.

This Sunday, all that pent-up historical aggression will be unleashed through the medium of a potential title-decider in the Six Nations. Healy v Cole, O’Connell v Kruis, Vunipola v Murphy, Ford v Sexton…. well, you get the idea. Sunday’s 23 v 23 royal rumble will also decide who gets the bragging rights in the following long-running cross-channel disputes.

1. Wolfhounds v Bulldogs

2. Newgrange v Stone Henge

Source: PA Wire/Press Association Images

Source: David Davies

3. This big rural soap rumble

4. The optimum colour for post boxes

Source: Press Association

5. Aitch v the correct pronunciation, Haitch

6. Just who is the greatest of the thinking person’s sex symbols


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Source: DailyEdge.ie

7. Des v Billo

Source: BBC and RTE

8. Ted v Basil

9. Walkers v Tayto

10.  The London Eye…

Source: Dominic Lipinski

…v Funderland

Pretty much the exact same thing.

Source: YouTube/ScrewsNutsandBolts

11. English Breakfasts v Irish Breakfasts

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