Jerusalem: Israeli lawmakers have voted to dissolve parliament, paving the way for a new election after veteran Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu failed to form a coalition government before a midnight deadline. Click Here: The ballot is widely expected to take place in September, the second this year. It represents unprecedentedContinue Reading

Once upon a time they were a treat, but consumed habitually in excess, ultra-processed foods have become toxic. Two large studies, published today in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), have found consistently eating too many “ultra-processed” foods are associated with a significantly greater risk of cardiovascular disease and premature death.Continue Reading

They say it’s better to jump before you’re pushed. That could be the title of Magistrate Dominique Burns' autobiography! Burns came to fame last year as somewhat of a magnet for complaints about her "lock 'em up" world view that were accrued in the three years since she was appointedContinue Reading

The industrial umpire has awarded up to 2.2 million Australian workers, including the lowest paid, an extra $21.60 a week from next month, taking the minimum wage from $719.20 to $740.80. The Fair Work Commission on Thursday lifted the national minimum wage by 3 per cent to $19.49 per hourContinue Reading