The Polish Volleyball Federation has unveiled an ambitious plan to stage its June FIVB World League matches against Brazil at the National Stadium in Warsaw. It would be the first test of this stadium before the 2014 Volleyball World Championships in Poland because the opening ceremony and the inaugural matchContinue Reading

The bodies of the 36 year old volleyball star and her 57 year old husband were discovered half buried  in a lemon grove, in Alquerías, a village about 12 kilometres from the city of Murcia. The couple were reported missing by family on May 15th after they failed to returnContinue Reading

Poland in Płock achieved first victory in World Grand Prix 2013 beating not demanding opponent, Kazakhstan 3-0. In second match Japan changing key players, grabbed a win from Germany after  tiebreak.     POLAND – KAZAKHSTAN 3-0 (25-17 25-17 25-11)Line-ups and scores:Poland: Radecka, Skowrońska-Dolata (17), Kąkolewska (5), Kaczor (11), RóżyckaContinue Reading

Russia ends match with Mexico not without obstacles. Reason for an excuse can be play with substitutes. 3 points also for Canada and Bulgaria.     China: S.Jiao (2), W.J.Zhong (12), C.L.Liang (1), Y.Zhi (8), J.J.Cui (5), X.Geng (13), Q.Ren (L) and R.M.Li, J.T.Xu (1), Z.C.Kou (4), F.W.Kong (L), D.S.JiBulgaria:Continue Reading