CWCH: Trentino and Sada Cruzeiro in the great final

Zenit Kazan has been totally run-down by Trentino Diatec in the first semi-final match of the 2012 Men’s Club World Championships. The team of Italy has a huge chance to conquer Doha fourth time in a row. In the other semi-final, Sada Cruzeiro won over PGE Skra Belchatow in tie-break and Marcelo Mendez wards will face the defending champion tomorrow.

Trentino Diatec 3 – 0 Zenit Kazan

Trentino: Raphael 2, O. Juantorena 17, M. Tzourits 8, J. Stokr 19, M. Kaziyski 11, E. Birarelli 4, A. Bari (L), M. Colaci (L) and F. Lanza

Zenit: V. Vermiglio, M. Anderson 3, N. Apalikov 4, M. Mikhaylov 11, E. Sivohzelez 5, A. Abrosimov 2, A. Obmochaev (L) and Y. Berezkho 6, I. Kolodinsky


Three-time defending champions Trentino Diatec of Italy earned the chance to defend their crown at the Men’s FIVB Club World Championship after demolishing Zenit Kazan of Russia in straight sets (25-14, 25-20, 25-14) in their semifinal match on Thursday.

It was a well deserved victory for an Italian based team who displayed high-quality volleyball during the three sets against a Zenit Kazan side that seemed out of sync for the whole match.

Trentino Diatec out-blocked the opponents 10-1 and also held a 6-3 advantage in the service winners charts.

Jan Stokr was the main scorer of the winners with 19 points, 18 of them with his spikes. Osmany Juantorena finished with three aces and two blocks among his 17 points while Matey Kaziyski and Mitar Tzourits registered 11 and 8 points with Tzourits recording three blocks.

Maxim Mikhaylov had 11 points in the subpar performance of Zenit Kazan.

Matey Kaziyski scored with two spikes and two blocks to guide Trentino Diatec to an 8-5 lead. Junatorena and Stokr increased the gap to 10-5 and Birarelli added one more point with his block. After a missed serve Abrosimov hit an ace to cut the distance to 11-7. Kaziyski continued with his hot-streak and Trentino led 16-9. At 17-9, Zenit Kazan’s coach called for time-out. Stokr planted a parallel shot from the right side and then crashed his serve attempt. Kaziyski served an ace for 20-10 while Sivozhelez attacked form the other side of the net. Stokr was as hot as Kaziyski and scored for 22-11. Stokr attacked from the left side for set-point and Trentino took the first 25-14 when Mikhaylov’s spike sailed long.

Stokr broke an equalized score with a cross-court from the right side for an 8-7 advantage of Trentino. Berezhko tied again with a tip over the Italian team’s wall. With Trentino leading by two at 14-12, Mikhaylov scored an ace but then netted his spike. Kaziyski failed with his serve but Stokr stepped in with a tip for a 16-14 advantage. Mikhaylov landed a formidable spike and Abrosimov followed with an ace to even up things at 16-all. The duel continued with Juantorena and Mikhaylov each scoring twice. Trentino called for time-out at 20-all. Stokr scored after a formidable set from Vieira, Sivozhelez missed with his attack and Tzouritz scored with a block for a 23-20 Trentino’s advantage. Trentino took the set 25-20 when Abrosimov made a mistake with his attack.

In the third set, Tzourits blocked Mikhaylov and Stokr scored with spike and ace for a 5-2 Trentino’s advantage. When play resumed, Juantorena blocked Mihhaylov and then landed his spike for a 10-4 difference. Sivozhelez scored and Trentino missed an attack. Stokr and Zaziyski landed two more for Trentino which led 16-9 at the second TTO. Trentino team was not willing to stop as Juantorena scored two straight aces for match-point at 24-13. Anderson scored for Zenit Kazan and Kaziyski closed the actions 25-14.


Sada Cruzeiro 3 – 2 PGE Skra Belchatow

Sada: W. Arjona 3, M. Leal 11, D. Cordeiro 15, Wallace 9, Y. Leal 9, F. Ferraz 11, Serginho (L) and Y. Sanchez 9, D. Gramignoli, Mauricio 10

Skra: P. Woicki, M. Wlazly 13, K. Klos 1, A. Atanasijevic 29, M. Winiarski 14, D. Plinski 7, P. Zatorski (L) and M. Bakiewicz, D. Vincic 2, W. Kooistra 3


Sada Cruzeiro of Brazil booked their ticket in the final match of the Men’s FIVB Club World Championship by scoring a thrilling five-set victory (25-22, 23-25, 27-25, 23-25, 15-9) over Poland’s PGE Skra Belchatow on Thursday night.

The Brazilian club will meet now with Italy’s Trentino Diatec for the gold medal at the annual world club competition.

Douglas Cordeiro led Sada Cruzeiro with 15 points followed by Mauricio Leal’s 11 tallies. Felipe Ferraz and Mauricio Borges each had 10 points while Wallace de Souza and Yadier Sanchez contributed 9 apiece.

Aleksandar Atanasijevic topped all the scorers of the match with 29 points, including four blocks while Michal Winiarski and Mariusz Wlazly added 14 and 13 respectively.

The winners held a 7-2 advantage in aces while the defeated side was better in the blocking category 11-6.

Yoandy Leal was on the spot with three spikes as Sada Cruzeiro took an 8-6 lead over Skra Belchatow in the first set. The spike of De Souza was followed by an ace of Yoandy Leal for the 16-13 advantage. Skra Belchatow kept the score close relying on the offense of Winiarski, Atanasijevic and Wlazly. De Souza attacked for set point at 24-21 and then Winiarski’s attack was long for the 25-21 score.

Atanasijevic’s spikes gave Skra a two-point lead and then blocked Yoandy Leal for a 6-3 margin. Marcos Leal reacted for Sada Cruzeiro but Wlazly responded for the Polish club for the 8-6 difference. The combo of De Souza and Yoandy Leal parlayed spikes for the equalized score at 9-9. Atanasijevic and Cordeiro traded kills. Cordeiro served long and Atanasijevic scored with a soft touch for the 12-10 margin. Wlazly widened the distance to three points but Winiarski’s serve sailed long. Spike and block by Marcos Leal closed the distance to 14-13 but Skra Belchatow led 16-14. Atanasijevic blocked Yoandy Leal and Sada Cruzeiro called for time out trailing 20-17. Sada Cruzeiro closed within one point after several offensive errors but Atanasijevic closed at 25-23 with a thundering attack.

Winiarski broke a 7-7 tie of a well battle in the early stages of the third set. The third set continued to stay close with neither of the teams getting in front for more than two points. At 15-15 Cordeiro scored for the 16-15 Sada’s advantage. At 19-all, Skra was penalized by a net violation. Yadier Sanchez followed with a booming ace. Borges maintained the two-point margin with a big blow. Sanchez missed his serve and then was blocked by Winiarski for a tied score at 22. Ferraz gave Sada the lead and Klos faulted with the attack. Then Atanasijeic’s spike and Plinski’s block tied at 24. Cordeiro gave Sada another chance to close but Winiarski responded on time. Cordeiro attacked again down the middle and the block of Borges to Winiarski gave the set to Sada Cruzeiro 27-25.

In the fourth frame, Sada Cruzeiro jumped to 4-1 and 6-2 leads en route to an 8-3 advantage. The Brazilian club was in front 16-13 at the second technical time-out. An offensive Brazilian fault reduced the distance to 18-16 but Borges restored the three-point distance. Three straight blocks by Plinski, Kooistra and Atanasijevic tied the score at 20-all. Sanchez scored with a tip for 21-20 in favor of Sada but Atanasijevic was spiking very solid. He then served long but recovered with another big hit to even the affaire at 22-22. Winiarski blocked Sanchez for a one-point lead of Skra Belchatow. Ferraz equalised the score but Kooistra scored for set point 24-23 and Plinski landed one from the middle for the 25-23 set.

Borges and Atanasijevic traded kills. Kooistra scored from the centre but Atanasijevic netted his serve for a 2-2 tie. Atanasijevic planted a spike on the back line but Wlazly failed with the serve. Winiarski gave Skra a 4-3 advantage and Kooistra foot-faulted. Vincic committed an attacking fault but De Souza served too long Borges gave Sada the lead at 6-5 only to see Plinski tying again the score. Winiarski missed with the serve but Wlazly responded. At 7-7, De Souza hammered a parallel spike and teams switched sides with Sada in front 8-7. Arjona served an ace. Skra Belchatow called for time-out. When play resumed, De Souza scored off the block for a three-point lead at 10-7 and Arjona continued another ace with an off-speed serve. At 11-8, Atanasijevic crashed his serve and Cordeiro scored with a big block against Atanasijevic. Wlazly failed with the serve and Marcos Leal blocked Winiarski for the final score 15-9.


Sada Cruzeiro – Trentino Diatec 19-October, 19.00 Local time (18.00 CET)

Bronze medal match

Zenit Kazan – PGE Skra Belchatow 19-October, 15.00 Local time (14.00 CET)


Sources: fivb.org (descriptions)